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Another excerpt from my scribblings

Dear Me

Dear me is the title of a series of letters that I have written myself as part of my ‘horizon planning’ horizon what? Well my take is this its preparing for things that are just on my horizon. I can see the shape, I know its there but I cannot quite see what it is and as such am not sure what the impact is going to be. So I speculate and in doing so I pick the things which I know will have the highest negative impact and have distilled them into a series of Dear Me letters…… they all start the same way. This example is taken from my Dear me speech letter.

Dear Me

Catastrophic voice loss

If you are reading this then something really sad has happened with your voice. This letter marks the change from accepting ok to accepting but finding it tough.

Remember you picked a time to write this when you were in a good place about it. It is also from you to you which and as you know yourself better than anyone you’d better take some notice of what you put!

I want you to celebrate not mourn, for when you had a strong voice you used it in the best way you knew how to. You touched 1000’s of lives with your speaking and captivated audiences with the radio shows. You did more than most. So now be proud momentarily. Then move on, find a different way to communicate, ‘a voice’ can be so much more than speech.


I have several Dear Me’s and I will keep adding to them and they will one day serve to help. Of that I am sure ☺

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  • I've written and spoke a load of Twaddle in my life too. Eventually much of that twaddle becomes usefull or useless. No Matter!

    That is why in my philosophy. Never throw anything away, even from the head. One day it may just come in handy, and be our saving grace.

  • Hello Henderson-Heywood ;

    I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCE ; for the benefit of all those who are suffering from soft voice ; at times one feels can not speak any further !! .

    I had this problem in Jan - April 2013 ; then my Neurologist advised me to try Ayurvedic treatment at Vaidhyaratnam in Thrissur Kerala INDIA ; which is about 600 Kms from location Bangalore (INDIA) . After 26 days of treatment , my voice quality drastically improved ; overall improvement in gate, my family members were very happy to see me that I am getting back to normal. Currently I take only Ayurvedic Med for my PD management. There are many patients from Europe & US visit this center for PD & other Brain disorder treatments. If you wish , please visit web : vaidyaratnammooss.com/ , write to Doctor : Dr.Udhyashankar / Dr.Suresh : dr@vaidyaratnammooss.com , nursinghome@vaidyaratnammooss.com . They will be able to help you. If you need any further information , you can write to me also : ramanath.tarekere@gmail.com

  • hi coleen

    i understand where u r coming from as my voice has now gone v v quiet - my singing voice too but i still sing in a my choir which keeps me going and slow s me down no end

    lol JIll


  • Lovely-keep going..I know you will!

  • Very moving comments..I was diagnosed in 2012, had to give up my job as an oncology RN after 30+ years. My voice is quieter but still have so much to say and do!! This is just another adjustment down this pathway. I love this forum as it connects me to a world of amazing people with loud words of encouragement, wisdom, empathy and knowledge and information...can never feel alone!!!!!!

  • look into LSVT-Loud. It works!! Don't give up.

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