A Poem to tell my family and friends that I have PD (2010)

The Message

Wes Wilson

Heady youth,

thumb your nose;

deign to think

of aging woes.

Some go fast.

Some go slow.


we’re gonna go.

We adjust

to wear and tear.

More rapid slide?

More to bear.

For this journey,

few wish haste

Not our choice;

gods set the pace.

The message comes,

the way defined.

Our tool to cope:

Strength of Mind.

It’s Parkinson’s;

My course is set.

Stiff upper lip?

You bet!

Copyright © 2012,

F. Wesley Wilson,

all rights reserved.

7 Replies

  • Well done fwes. Enjoyed reading. ...I will try and put up one of my poems

  • What a lovely poem Will show my sister as her husband hasParkinson's

  • Love it!

  • I don't generally enjoy poetry. I usually find it really hard work unless I have it read to me and then I can enjoy the flow and cadence as an inherent part of the poem. However, this one "worked" for me, I enjoyed reading it all by myself. lol

  • very nice!

  • What a great poem!

  • Great Poem! Enjoyed it very much!

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