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Am I Over reacting?



I posted a month ago about my Pacemaker story. Yesterday, after previous appointment was cancelled because of weather, I finally got in for my first appointment at Pacemaker Clinic. I have been feeling pretty good the last couple of weeks and was excited to find out how my Pacer was doing.

Turns out it is working fine, everything is doing exactly what it is suppose to be doing. As far as the still pretty good jolts I feel in my lower left side, that is something the Nurse could not read as she was only checking Pacer. She did suggest that the lead could be resting near diaphragm and maybe causing spasms.

She told me that since Pacer implant November 24/17, I have had 4 episodes of A-Fib (my Pacer is for Bradycardia). So I am to see my GP and see about getting on blood thinner, and then request a consult with Cardiologist to find out about my lower lead spasaming my diaphragm and what to do about A-fib.

I have complained about symptoms of A-Fib for years but doctors were never testing at the right time and it was never diagnosed, but apparently my Pacer has officially diagnosed and now will have to be dealt with.

I was feeling so positive yesterday morning and now, I have to admit, don’t feel very positive or confident in my future.

Blood thinners feel like a downhill slide! Please tell me I am over reacting.

Thank You 🌹

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Hi just noticed you posted ages ago sorry. ! hope things have settled now and your treatment is going well x