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I am almost 50, just had ultrasound tests and radiologists confirmed cyst plus several on my ovary. Feel tired, have swollen abdomen, dull pain, urine frequency, irreg periods, intra-menstrual bleeding, history of a previous cyst at age 24 aspirated, pre-cancerous cervical cells following aspiration, unexplained fertility, polyp removed 5 years ago. Some family history of cancers. Guess they are not going to want to leave my situation without treatment/surgery?

Radiologist recommended I go back to GP and I am referred to gynae. Have moved areas in last two years, so I am not known to services.

Thanks, perhaps I can then sleep!

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Please arrange an appointment with your GP as soon as possible so that your referral to a consultant is placed in the pipeline.

Ask to be referred to a gynae/oncologist as this type of consultant is better placed to assess your signs and symptoms and take a close look at the tests that you have already had done. As you have moved areas, make sure that they have all the relevant information to date.

When you go to see the gynae/oncologist, it is helpful to have someone with you as all the information that you will be given is sometimes hard to take in.

You may well need surgery but please do not cross too many bridges all at once. It is natural to feel fearful, especially during this waiting period. You have come to a site where we have all had different experiences and can offer plenty of advice and support. Please do not feel that you are alone as there is much support offered through Ovacome.

Best wishes



It might also be a good idea to phone up the Ovacome nurse helpline.


Hi! Sorry you are going through this worrying time, but you're not alone! It sounds as if you need answers and evidence as to what might be going on. If you google BEATonline symptom tracker, or go via the Ovacome website, it will give you evidence that you can print off and take to your GP. If they can give you a CA125 blood test, it may show raised levels of a marker, but is not always reliable or conclusive proof of something going on. Your symptoms sound suspicious, but may be something else going on. The helpline nurses will probably ring you back tomorrow if you leave a message on 08453710554. They have a wealth of experience and helpful ideas. Try to see your GP as soon as you can, and take the printout from the BEATonline tracker with you.

Good luck, let us know how you get on

Love Wendy xx


Hi Bloomin

your GP will send you on the fast track to the gyne dept if they think you are at risk, which should take a max of 2 weeks for further tests.even tho they may not have your notes, it shouldnt be a problem, as I was sent to a hospital outside of my area for my diagnosis, they took a thorough history from me, and went on what they saw and test results.

good luck, oh and dont forget to badger your gp if you think he isnt taking you seriously, keep going back if you need to.

take care



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