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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else is doing ‘prehab’ in the run up to their surgery? I’m really enjoying it.

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Hi, what’s prehab?

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Rosado22 in reply to Katmal-UK

It’s when you get fit before surgery. So I have routines to follow - cardio strengthening with dumbbells and core and abs stretching exercises to do - six days a week. Today I’m on my rest day and went for my covid booster.

Not sure what you mean?

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Rosado22 in reply to mrstadpole

It’s when you have a fitness programme to follow before surgery. So for example I have a two min fast walk one minute slower walk routine, strengthening exercises with dumbbells, floor exercises Pilates style to do, six days a week. I feel v energised by it and much happier mentally…

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mrstadpole in reply to Rosado22

Thank you x

I didn’t do formal rehab but my surgeon told me in no uncertain terms that I must get myself fit for surgery. At the time, early this year, I wasn’t prepared to risk the gym and exercise classes, so appointed my husband as personal trainer. We walked 3-5 miles a day, plus I found a good Pilates class on YouTube and did that to strengthen my abs. Some days it was really hard, with chemo fatigue It really made a difference and helped my recovery. Go for it Rosado, you won’t regret it.

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Rosado22 in reply to meadowgirl

That sounds great having your own personal trainer. It def pays to be consistent. Fortunately I like all that sort of thing. The gym is v quiet during the day so I have been going there three times a week and doing a routine at home for the other three days with one rest day. I have really pushed myself and seen improvements esp cardiovascular and mentally much better.

I didn't do it and so wish i did, but I couldn't get myself in the right headspace. That is brilliant that you are doing that. You will recover quicker! Research shows this. Keep going and kick some ass! 😊

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Rosado22 in reply to Jayniiee

I’m glad research is showing it is effective.

No but I did contribute to research about a year ago in which I advocated for it. I felt I would have benefited from it. Happy it's being offered and that you are enjoying it xx

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Rosado22 in reply to Morini

That’s interesting that you took part in the research. I am def appreciating it and def working harder at it knowing that the physio will be ringing me! I walk everyday anyway even on post chemo days but this is a bit of a step up from it and I am v grateful as it is making me feel happier even though the op is approaching.

I did it without knowing it’s called that ,as I wanted to get fit for my surgery and be the best I could be. Have found walking has transformed my life as I have continued to walk everyday since then. Really helped with me both with my physical health and mental health and set up a virtual walking group for women with OC ‘ walk with me’ where we support each other to walk and share photos of where we’ve been

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Rosado22 in reply to Slipper1

Your virtual walking group sounds like a great idea. I walk everyday up and down our farm road and take many photos of the changing landscape but have def got stronger working out with dumbbells. I’ve lost quite a bit of strength in seven months but muscle memory is kicking in!

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Slipper1 in reply to Rosado22

Join us 😊

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Rosado22 in reply to Slipper1

Yes, I’d like to do that.

Not knowingly! But I was relatively fit, healthy weight, pretty good diet. I was able to lift myself onto bed pan without help and my sister (retired theater nurse) stayed with me for 2 weeks post op, said she was amazed at what I was able to do physically. But I had 10 days notice from diagnosis to surgery so there’s no way I could have done anything in those 10 days 🤣

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Rosado22 in reply to paulamma1

It pays to be fit and have a good diet just in case you become ill! I was similar for my first op but pushing myself more now in run up to second op which was needed after chemotherapy. I’ve just got on with it, neuropathic toes or not - my toes feel better and I feel like I am returning to former strength.

Good for you! All the best with everything.

Thanks. I feel just like I did before I knew I was ill, and going in for major op!