Stinging nipples

Hello All!

I have a quick question for you! I have been experiencing a very slight but nonetheless persistent stinging in my nipples and for some reason today its really bothering me. I try very hard not to turn everything little niggle into something bigger but as my sis had ductal cell carcinoma in her breast this stinging has taken on a life of its own in my head now!! I don't have any other symptoms cant feel any lumps or anything.

Any one experience this?


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  • Hi D, it could just be hormonal or the very cold weather, I am not trying to be funny but it could be either, If you are worried do go and see your practice nurse. I know we can multiply things in our heads but a quick five minutes with the nurse should be worth your peace of mind. I take it you do the Breast Check when you are called, and if not just look for a mammogram. Someone told me that even though we are told to avail of those checks that anything sinister will also show up on thoracic ct scan. I had a bad experience with scanner in Breast Check so if no changes on ct scan I am happy.

  • How very strange ... not had any experience of this at all... maybe go and get it checked out with your gp better to be sure that it's nothing to be concerned about 🤗

  • Hi D can't say so have experienced any stinging sensation but as others have said see your GP just to rule anything out. Report back once you've seen your GP. All the best! Love Michelle x 💐

  • Quick search on the net shows this could be hormonal or start of infection , but obviously as already suggested it's best to chat with your Doc. Extract below:


    When to call the doctor for a nipple issue: Generally speaking, you should call the doctor if your nipple issue is confined to one breast; and if it lasts longer than a month (longer than one menstrual cycle).

    You should also call the doctor if your symptoms are clearly worsening—if it looks like an infection is developing, or if the pain/itching are increasing in intensity and frequency.

    Bottom line: Give whatever’s bothering your nipple a few weeks to resolve itself. But if it doesn’t, treat it like any other breast change: call the doctor. It’s important to rule out cancer; and the doctor just may be able to offer you a solution to that irritating itchiness and pain.


    Hope it's easily sorted

    Clare xx

  • I get that same feeling and am told it is coming from my back! I have a condition called D.I.S.H

    Look that one up, maybe it is something like that and nothing untoward .. 🌹

  • Hi D

    I hope you have made the decision to talk to your doctor by now as it is the only way you can completely put your mind at rest. You may even have already done so. It is very worrying of course but you acted on time last time and this time I pray all will be well again. Take care


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