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Burning sick feeling

Hi all

Hope you are having a good weekend and feeling ok at the moment.

Need some advice, in stage 5 CKD and currently not on dialysis with gfr of 8 at the moment, was previously 7. I have a fistula which was already in June but having to have a narrowing sorted on Wednesday. My consultant has delayed dialysis in the hope of a transplant as i suffer with low blood pressure.

That's my back ground....

I'm have a burning feeling in the back of my throat and feeling sick all the time, and although I use to get this now and again it's every day and seems worse at night. Feel like I'm fighting being sick every day.

I'm guessing this is because my kidneys are really struggling and toxins are building up and dialysis will be starting soon.

What I'm after is your tips to get me through this, will to try anything at the moment.


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Before dialysing some feel very sick and have regular indigestion. Try a wedge shaped pillow so you dont have to lie flat at night and that may help.

Something else others find helps is a ginger drink for taking small sips when you feel iffy.