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Does your child start school or move up to high school in September? Join our online meeting on the 19th June 1:30pm


Find the facebook event here:

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MrsHelloCommunity Ambassador

This sounds really good but I can’t do that time I’m afraid. I’m sorry. Maybe any ideas could get put on here?

NorfolkCYPAdministrator in reply to MrsHello


Thanks for replying :) I will let Michelle, who organised this, know. Are you able to let us know what times of day would be suitable for you as well? All feedback helps us when planning future events :)

Thank you :)

MrsHelloCommunity Ambassador in reply to NorfolkCYP

Mornings are better - although since lockdown everything is upside down timing wise lol 🤣

mwalker6 in reply to MrsHello


We have organsied a repeat session of this for an evening - 30th June 7pm flyer shared on her by our comms team. ( sorry not a moinrg this time but will be holding other sessions on other subjects at different times of the day)

In way of feedback from the sesison last friday it was usggested we may try to hold a meeting (virutal whre ther were some schools or Local authority representatvies too - so we are looking a those options.

one staff member of a school who joined said it was important as parent at this time to keep in touch with the new school and keep checking their website / social media pages as schools are trying hard to keep parents reassured and up to date about new starters this way as well as 1-1, and all schools are mananging this diffferently.

We shared the website link to the Transtition quizes aimed at starting school or young people moving up schools please see the link -

please let us know what you think or if there are other aras we need to cover

MrsHelloCommunity Ambassador in reply to mwalker6

Hi thank you so much for getting back to me I hope it was a good session😊. I think that sounds a really good idea to involve schools/ LA representatives. I think transition is obviously going to be difficult this year so it could really help us parents to allow us to meet. I wonder if there is any scope (Or capacity) to work with individual schools at a time? If I can make a session I will but not to worry if I can’t. Lockdown has been a very unique time!

mwalker6 in reply to MrsHello

:-) Thanks MrsHello - will look to schools and Local authrity what can or amy be aranged and keep this gruop updated.

for those available dont forget Tuesday 3oth June - come and join in the conversation.

If need to send me a messsage