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Still here

Don't usually contribute to forums, just get on with it .

However I am occasionally quite moved by the courage of others who have been through the trauma of diagnosis and treatment. I was lucky I suppose that thanks to a brilliant surgeon and a bit of luck I am still around and life is pretty good.

Meals are a bit smaller and a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio can go to my head, but I can live with that.

God Bless you all, especially those who support and care through the dark times.

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Posts like yours give us all hope, it is always good to know that others have gone through it too, and are coming out the other side.

Thank you for taking the time to write, and good luck with your continued progress

Best wishes

Edwina x


Well done! It is has been a bleak road for the best for us, and it does test our resilience and stamina, as well as needing the other things you mention - plus being diagnosed early enough for the treatment to give us a good chance of enjoying the pinot grigio!


Funny thing is I did not get an early diagnosis. Years of putting up with acid reflux until eventually the inevitable food getting stuck that led to an endoscopy. Seems that I had a hernia for years as well.

Total gastrictomy, two stays in hospital for bloodclots and pneumonia, chemo before and after op.

Now nearly two years since operation, feel well and carry a reasonable 13 stone. Go back to see oncologist and surgeon every nine months. No scans or blood tests. While I look and feel well, little point I suppose.

Bought myself a new road bike, looking forward to the better weather to get out on that.


Good for you. Stay well and enjoy the better weather - when it finally comes!


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