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A place for our achievements or things that we can be grateful for

Although we may not be able to escape the after effects of our cancer, may they be physical or psychological; our lives can't be just about our illness. With the above in mind I thought it would be a good idea to share some our achievements, or things we can be grateful for; so here goes-

Having my grandson over to help me service the cars ready for winter. The sound of his laughter when I found a rust hole under the wheel arch which my fingers went straight through. Seeing his excitement at using my tools for the first time and giving him a chance to experience something other than computer games!


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For me it was being able to referee a football match!


My greatest achievement was when we lived in Spain for a few years and I was asked to be President of our urbanisation, which had 334 properties in it! At my first AGM I was thanked and given presents for having done a good job,but what made it an achievement for me was when they voted me in for a second time. I only stopped doing the job when we decided to return to the UK.

The thing I am most grateful for is the unconditional love that my husband has for me, we have been married 11 years. He has been my rock and for that I will be eternally grateful.



What a good idea! Thank you Demon.

Im so grateful to my partner, my sister and my two sons for their love, patience and support all the way.

I'm proud to be making music again and enjoying it instead of beating myself up about sounding even worse than I did before!


This is a good idea!

I have had lots of high's, achievements since my op, so grateful to have relocated near my 2 daughters, son in laws and their growing families.

I have 3 grand daughters, 1, 2 and 3, the 2 and 3 year old will want to talk to me on the phone if I have not seen them for couple of days or if I am having a bad time they will want to look after me. Can't wait for the 9 week old grandson to grow up do some chores for me. ha ha

The joy, love and laughter I get from them all is amazing!!

Oh and I am going on a med cruise for a week on my own soon, that will be an achievement.!!! Why I chose the life jacket picture as my profile!!


Hi, my biggest achievment was walking around Buttermere on Boxing Day 6 months after my op and then climbing a not very big fell after 7 months, when my surgeon had told me to wait another few months. Proved him wrong but did think we were going thave to get Mountain Rescue out to get me back down :-)


I'm just 9 days after a Merandino jejunal interposition replacing 5cm of oesospagus and half the stomach. They put a length of colon between the remaining oesophagus and stomach which is supposed to reduce reflux.My biggest achievement is I got through it! I'm out of hospital and able to stagger around and get upstairs. Its certainly a major op with drastic effects.

Haven't had any reflux but my food portions are small. Only current problems are sleep as I just cannot get comfortable and have to sleep on my back. Also I got an infection in the wound and they have released staples at each end of the scar to let the body do its work and push it out. Wind pain is a problem which peppermint tea helps a lot.

District nurses visit everyday with new dressings.

Next step is to get the titanium staples out they used to close everything up. This should loosen me up a bit.


Hi All

I have spent the last two days working on cars, much of that time was spent laying on my back; that is quite some time without acid reflux causing me to stop. I did get some warning signs so took a break, had some Gaviscon and it was back to business. I will be doing some welding tomorrow in some akward locations, and this is something I thought I would never be able do again.

I have a CAT scan on Wednesday so keep you fingers crossed for me although I am not expecting anything nasty.

Keep posting your achievements or good things in your day as I like to read them!

To everyone looking in have a good a day as possible.



The love & support of my family is top of the list. Paragliding in Corfu a week before my Gastrectomy, getting back out on my motorcycle twom months after surgery. Cuddlung my son on the sofa & watching Spongebob. It's all good.


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