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Coughs Colds and Flu

Over the last couple of days somehow I have managed to pick up a `cold`. To say the least it feels as though I have gone back several months to feeling how I was when I came out of hospital. (op was 1st Feb 2102)

My symptoms are of a typical cold, runny nose, chesty cough, sweats (waking up red hot and wet due to sweating) and a general feeling of being tired. When I have a bout of coughing especially at night time I end up having to sleep propped up with 4 pillows. Luckilly we have a spare bedroom so I`ve been there for the last 4 nights so not to disturb my wife.

Anybody else suffered like this and how do I try to avoid getting colds. I`m only 58 so not sure whether I would qualify for a flu jab and if it would be worthm it being Summer.

(Taking each new day one day at a time)

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Hi Mick

I feel for you. I'm currently suffering with a lung infection. They've never been as strong since my surgery 6 years ago and it is always a struggle to fight off attacks.

There is a fair possibility that you are more succceptible to catchinng colds as your whole system has undergone cconsiderable changes and in particular your lungs went through a lot at surgery.

The important thing is to take time out to recover properly. Don't try and just carry on as usual as it will simply prolong the symptoms.

Sadly I don't know of any way to avoid catching colds. The only advice I can give is don't overddo it, don't get run down and keep eating little and often. You'll still catch colds but hopefully not so often.

Be interesting to see what others have to say on this subject.

With regards to flu jabs I'm pretty certain that all canccer survivors are eligible. I certainly have one every year and I'm a couplle of years younger than you.

I wish you well



Hi Larry,

Its always nice to hear from people like yourself, who have been through what we `newbees` are having problems with. Sorry to hear you are suffering with a lung infection, but as you say the operation we have does take its toll on our lungs, which we all seem to be finding.

Unfortunately, I`ve never been one to sit around, left school at 16 (in 1970) and have worked full time until I retired at 55 in 2009 so to sit about and relax is very hard for me. Its like getting used to our new bodies, me relaxing is a hard thing to do.

Will have to look into the flu jab later this year and see if helps.

We all learn a bit from each other so as you say will be interesting to see if others have come across this problem with coughs and colds.

Regards to everybody and wishing you all the best.

(taking each new day, one day at a time)


Hi Mick, touch wood I have not had a cold since my surgery 2 years ago, but I was advised to have a flu jab, which I did, maybe this has helped me stay cold free. I would definitely ask your doctor for a flu jab this autumn.



Hi Mick

Larry is so right about taking it easy, if you listen to what your body is telling you won’t go too far wrong. It is not that you will always be unable to do the things you used to do, you just find different ways to tackle them and is what I call reaching your new normal. I suffered badly for the first two years with my lungs especially my right one. I am now four and a half years post op and things are much better, you often get to a point where you think this is it, things won’t get any better and then you get a pleasant surprise when they do.

Larry I hope the chest infection clears up soon, all this damp weather does not help our situation.



Hi Mick, I was about same age as you when I had my op and my doc recommended a flu jab each year as she said it was something to do with not being able to cough properly if you get flu..anyway I would go for it. As for colds keep well clear of anyone who is coughing and sneezing, I was almost paranoid about getting flu's and colds, I think the sickness bug would be worse as I had this once since the op and I just cannot be sick, but you still feel sick.


I am 55 and post op of 15 months.I am now prone to colds coughs and chest infections and when I get them I feel as though gone back to feeling as i did!! Never got colds etc before diagnosed with OC.Last 2 years I have had flu jab and yes you will be entitled to one because of your OC so yes get one in the winter!I had sickness bug too without being sick and it was awful.Guess its one of things we have to adapt too.Shouldnt worry too much.I have just had hospital check and still clear at present and feeling very well (apart from when I get a cold etc!!!!! )


Thanks to you all,

You are never on your own on this site.....it never occured to me before about feeling sick and never brining anything up. This has happened a few times since the op and more recently with this cold. Coughing quite a bit did want to make me be sick but couldnt bring anything up....

Thanks for the advice about the flu jab, no doubt it will end up with me having problems with my surgery as they couldnt get it right for the prescriction exemption charge.......

Hope everybody is keeping reasonably well under the circumstance remember one day at a time and take each day as it comes....


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