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Update on pete


Peter is in high dependency word and he is having some complications but after last week he is much better than he was he is still nill by mouth and he has got protein drip because his protein is very low his hands have swollen lack of protein his stats are all good that's better than last week he has managed to stand and take 2 steps but considering he couldn't move his legs last week its progress he is very emotional and still a bit confused about things but I suppose that's part of everything that's happened to him thank you all for your kind words and support it is very appreciated stay safe everyonle x

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Valerie I had my surgery four years ago. I was in hospital for 7 weeks with complications as I had a chyle leak. I had a huge loss of protein as a result of the leak and was very swollen everywhere I was fed intravenously until they could repair the leak. I had other complications too. But here I am now! I’m just telling you this to give you hope and send you best wishes.

Valerie01 in reply to Suzyeve

Thank you for your reply we did know it was a long hard slog but I think it came as a shock because pete had been fine and he was doing well eating ect then bam he got a leek and infection but fingers crossed he is back on recovery road still nill by mouth and having protein and antibiotics but he is talking and managed to get stud up he has problems with his legs because of cerebral palsy so that is thrown into the mix but I feal he will be ok x

Slow but very important steps. Recovery from this is different for everyone but all of this is good news. My husband became ill from sepsis before his operation due to the chemo and we nearly lost him but he fought long and hard and six years ago this May he had the operation and doing well. Since that he has had a hiatus hernia op and a new hip. He is doing well at the age of 72. X

Small steps in right direction. Best wishes to you both Valerie.

That’s good news, so pleased for you xx

It's all baby steps at the moment Valerie but things do improve with time and I had some awful hallucinations during my ten days on HDU that they put down to my pain relief.Fentynell I seem to remember.

Valerie01 in reply to Jforgh

Yes he thinks 1 of our sons and me whent to hospital kicking off and we had a day trip to my friend's house and to a beauty parlor to be honest I probably could do with a beauty parlor at min 😂😂😂

Jforgh in reply to Valerie01

It all seems so real at the time though.one of my regular ones was a flock of birds walking across the floor

Valerie01 in reply to Jforgh

Lol that's why hes so confused I think x

Well done you two, yes ups and downs, the start of walking is great news, next he will be on a zimmer frame and you will be able to take the micky out of him.

I hated the jejostomy tube for feeding, I think it was on day 10 that they let me eat a meal, and what did I do ? scoffed the lot and, well you know what happened within an hour !

Sips of water soon, life has changed but it is still life, don't ever forget that.

Good to hear your news, best wishes to you both.


Valerie01 in reply to jeffw663

Yes its life and after nearly losing him last week I am grateful for him being hear so I told him to do what ever it takes one day at a time he will get there and he will soon be home

I'm so glad to hear that Pete continues to improve. I hope it carries on. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

So pleased that Pete is improving. Definitely going in the right direction. Best wishes.

Hi there, just caught up on Pete’s op. Sorry he took a turn for the worse but glad he is back fighting. It is a rollercoaster but stay strong and positive. It must be very hard not being there for him. The painkillers will be making him hallucinate. I hope things remain going in the right direction now.

Take care and well yourself.

Best wishes


I haven’t been here for a while & just got caught up on Pete’s situation. Glad to know there’s progress & that he’s improving. It’s a long, slow journey. You & Pete will be in my prayers.

Take care,


Thank you pete yet again had bn doing well but yesterday he fell poly again and he had very high temperature and has got another infection his esophagus is leaking again so yet again he is nill by mouth and back on oxygen it just seems that he gets to start eating for a day or 2 and then bam back with a leakage I dont know how much more he can take its another set back thanks for your reply x

I’m so sorry to hear this. I will continue to keep you both on my prayers.

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