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Gerd and Sore throat

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Started getting worse reflux for no apparent reason about 10 days ago, including nausea and sweating (may be my ibs, anxiety or one of my meds for all I know). I was on 900mg Ranatidine at the time, but decided to try lansoprazole . Gave up after 5 days of itching, increasing flatulence, very loose stools and it wasn't helping a jot. Ended up going back to ranatidine, now I've got a bad sore throat and tongue has gone a blackish colour (maybe to do with dry mouth, not sure).

Anyway at A&E they told me to take domperidone to stop the acid coming up my throat. This hasn't helped much if at all, just giving me diarrhea.

Where do I go now in terms of my throat and reflux?

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All I can suggest is to stay vertical eat starchy food small amounts often and try Gaviscon an antacid that forms a barrier to block rise of acid

Good luck


Have you had an endoscopy to make sure everything is normal? It does take a little while for Lanzaprazole to work but they work for me. I have been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and Barrett's Oesophagus and had no real symptoms but it is best to get it checked out first.

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4 months since last endoscopy, which showed mild gastritis and small hiatal hernia. I have a barium tomorrow.

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Good luck with your barium and let us know how you get on.

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Got date wrong it's the 19th. Will post what it showed once I've had it done.

You could ask for an ENT referal for a Nasendoscope and/or a Laryngoscope. See if there's been any acid damage in thd throat.

I take Zoton Fastab orodispersible lansoprazole (prescribed by ENT Specialist ).

Gaviscon Advance at night and after main meal.

Eating small meals , drinking water and staying upright for as long as possible after eating.

Five pillows at night to keep upper body raised if possible.

Don't want to live like that personally. The acid blockers don't help that much anyway, not in terms of acid coming up my throat and they make my already bad ibs even worse.

Want ideally hernia repair and either linx surgery or maybe a partial wrap (Toupet fundoplication).

But obviously 96 hour bravo ph test needs to be positive for that to be an option.

Been taking rabeprazole 30mg for 3 days, very little relief so far, although I have a urine infection which I think is causing my stress and ibs/reflux to be worse.. How many days of rabeprazole should I give it before giving up? (getting green stools atm too, usual?)

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