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Weight gain after stomach removal

Hi I’m looking for advice on how to gain weight after total stomach removal after cancer. I’m 6 months post op. Was 11 stone now between 8-11/8-13

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Hi, my husband is 6 months also, he is 3 stone lighter, we have tried everything to put weight on including going to see a dietician, I used to get stressed with his weight but the dietician referred us to the NHS weight chart (you can see it on line) and showed us that even tho he is lighter he is still in range of healthy & in fact this new weight was better overall for him, she said people see weight gain as a positive but we have to remember probably not possible with new body makeup to be the weight u were before, also we’ve been told the first year the body is still getting over the trauma of the operation, chemo etc..., so on the dietician advice I put the scales away & ensured he eat balanced meals full of nutrician but stopped getting upset over his weight, don’t know if this helps but it helped me.


Yeah that’s helped a lot. Il look up that chart. Thanks

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Hi Tilly 1000, I had a bowel resection last year, and lost 2.5 stone. I followed the dietitians advice and have now arrived at a comfortable weight. ( not my original weight, which was a tad too high).I keep very active, and have started horse riding. I’m 73 yrs old, I’m so far pleased how things are going. Tell your husband not to worry, eat a balanced diet with the odd chocolate bar or similar. When he reaches his desired weight the chocolate bars are easy to drop from the diet.


Hi Rico,

I found lots of small snacks which are full of calories helped, I added cheese to almost everything, added milk powder to milk for teas and coffee, used cream a lot, put proper butter on bread, never ate anything low fat, in fact I ate exactly what I fancied in small portions and always had little snacks ready to eat. I didn't worry about cholesterol or whether what I ate was balanced, I took forceval vitamins as recommended by my doctor to ensure I had enough vitamins and minerals. ChocLate and cakes were all allowed. I hated the drinks they give you so I made my own, and I stopped worrying about being too thin, it took ages to gain weight but now I am a very healthy 10 stone up from just over 7 at my lightest,

I am 8 years post op and it has been a long haul. I had oesophagus cancer and have very little stomach left, I don't get hungry and often forgot to eat so a photo food diary is sometimes good to see what you are actually eating, take care

Good luck

Cheers Lizzy


Peanut butter cookies are good for putting weight on and they're at hand for a quick easy meal. low volume and high calorie. Just mix stork and peanut butter in equal amounts, ( I use half a jar of peanut butter from aldi, the one with the Red cap has no sugar ) add a mug full of flour and a teaspoon of vanilla essence. NO SUGAR! and bake for 30 minutes on 200c. I went from 11 stone down to about 8 7oz, I'm now maintaining 10 7oz ( it always fluctuates a bit) and I'm 26 months post Ivor Lewis. Hope this helps.


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