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Abdominal griping after eating


It is now five months since my oesophagectomy but during the last month I have begun to get uncomfortable abdominal pain after eating. This now seems to be every time I eat, even if it is a snack like biscuits. It lasts about half an hour and is sometimes accompanied by rapid heartbeat. Is anyone able to suggest what may be causing this? I cannot identify any specific food type which causes this at the moment as it seems to occur whatever I eat.

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If this is happening so often better to see a doctor asap.

The griping sounds like possibly colic, which some people do suffer from. Some people take gripe water that seems to help.

The rapid heartbeat suggests 'dumping syndrome' which sometimes gives you palpitations. It might be that you have insulin spikes caused by the relatively undigested food reaching your digestive system earlier than expected because of your shorter digestive tract. There are some factsheets about this on the OPA website


I would also feel like asking for a diabetic-type insulin:sugar monitor, as you may find that you have insulin levels doing a yo-yo. Try a diet that is helpful for diabetics for a while and see if that improves things, especially Low Glycemic Index food. Have a quick check on the information labels on the snack like biscuits to see how much sugar they have in them.

I also suggest keeping a food diary. It might not make sense to you immediately, but there may be clues for a dietician. But I do understand that you are suffering from it whatever you eat.

This is all speculation by the way.

Hi yes sounds like dumping syndrome. Do you eat and drink together? This is a no no sips of water are ok. Also look at fat and sugar. I cant eat high fat like milk yoguart ,ice cream, cakes and fatty food. Also be careful of portion sizes. I also got pain where jej feeding tube went,

Best Wishes


I would say that is positively food dumping.

My advice would be, don't drink when your eating and start keeping a food diary to see if you can narrow it down.

I am three years post op almost and I get dumping with many foods :- Pastry, cake, biscuits, bread, cereal of any kind, I have had to adopt a very different diet to overcome the dumping and strangely enough my problems didn't start until about six months after the op. I should perhaps also mention no dairy, I have been a vegetarian for forty years and more, but I have had to become vegan.

I started to lose a lot of weight as well and have been unable to put it back on.

So food diary first and keep a note of how long after you eat the symptoms start as well.

It is quite common amongst us so don't be worrying your self too much about it, it is manageable with diet.

And Good Luck


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