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Really painful /takes my breath any help please trapped air

I have jackhammer esophogus and am really going thro the mill at the moment as hav very severe copd , I’m getting lots of trapped air in my chest it is so painful and scary as I can hardly breathe sometimes I daren’t even move, I’m having it from getting up and it’s lasting well not late afternoon, little chunks of jelly like mucus getting stuck anyone out there with some advice please. Thanks x

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It is to do with how the contractions in your oesophagus muscles spasm. The spasms might be caused by something that you have eaten, but another cause might be reflux at night if you wake up with the problem. So try taking Gaviscon at night, and sleeping with your chest and head raised. Try any kind of relaxation technique that works for you, massaging your chest, and/or deep breathing.

If you have medication for your COPD, check with a pharmacist that it is not counteracting something that would be helpful for your spasms, like Buscopan, nitrates or even, as some people take, Viagra to help with blood flow.


Thankyou Alan I am going to book a medication review now as I need to get this under control better having now got pneumonia, this is the first time I’ve had pneumonia it’s the worst I’ve ever felt mobility and breathing wise, strangely I have pneumonia in my right lung but the sort of sob sensation and pain all seems to be on my right lung burning n stuff oh the joys, thank you for your advice I appreciate it very much. Carolx


Pneumonia is very debilitating, so you have to get that fixed as the priority. Sometimes it might be caused by reflux, so that is another thing to bear in mind.

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I know I’ve never not been able to walk properly before ever so guess I just have to take it steadily and do what my body lets me which at present isn’t a deal , thankyou xx


Alan at present I am on 2 x 40 panteprazole a day for the reflux, but sometimes it’s seems like the mucus it’s more coming from my lungs Bottom and my nose ,! It’s so difficult to figure out yet the breathing issue is like my diaphragm is full of the stuff once it starts moving the breathing does get better but it’s taking all day is that normal for someone with a reflux issue or is it more likely to be the bronchiectasis. I know your not a doctor but do appreciate any advice cos to be honest more often I’m sad to say doctors don’t seem to know , nature of the beast is mainly what I get... x Carol


When time is right for you and you are able may be consider going on youtube and search "yoga digestive". You shld get several vids and find one that suits you. Im 6mths post hiatus hernia op and I find yoga exercises release trappd air. Be prepared for lots of unsavoury noises tho. Best. G


Haha🙄 thanks Gary il check it out x


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