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total gastrectomy recovery


I hoping someone can give us some information how it was after a total gastrectomy. operation.

Would someone possible be able to share information like how soon my wife could drive after the operation and generally go out and about, walks with the dog, shopping etc?


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Hi Freeflow! It is so very different for everyone that it would be impossible to give any advice! Regarding driving, the advice my husband was given was 4-6 weeks post surgery. Walking and getting out and about varies hugely for everyone! I've read of some going skiing, cycling and scaling hills only a few months afterwards - for others it's a much, much longer time. It depends on so many different factors that I doubt anyone would be able to predict.

All I can do is to wish you and your wife all the best and hope she's one of the fortunate ones who makes a speedy recovery. Kate

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Would agree with Kate as far as far as definite advise. I had a total gastrectomy coming up 6 years ago, mine didn't go so well and had to have second operation as the join leaked and in hospital 7 weeks rather than 7 days so my recovery would be completely different to your wifes. I lost a lot of weight in hospital and further loss when home. I was extremely weak and it took time for me to be able to get back into some sort of normal routine like walking but I got there and found I had lots of energy but have never put the weight back on. Unlike others I know who had same op and after a few months were back putting weight on and cycling etc that's possibly because they are younger of course, I am now 79 but everyone is different. When the warmer weather comes I get out and play golf still and try to walk as much as I can. I am slowing up for sure but one has to keep positive and attending the patient group meeting where people with the same operation still go 11 years plus afterwards is always encouraging. Driving I think was 6 weeks or so but it is when you think you are fit enough starting with short walks and increasing steadily. I had great support from my wife who still is great motivating me forward so I am sure your wife will find her feet albeit slowly at first. Good luck for the future to you both


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I was extremely fit for my op as I went through the Bepatient exercise scheme. They advise seven weeks before you drive just in case you have to brake hard, but it was a total seven weeks before I could walk very far. The weakness after the op takes a lot out of you.


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