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A question for the ladies

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It is my daughter's wedding 7 weeks after my oesophagectomy. I am guessing that wearing a bra will be out of the question because of the scarring but can anyone advise what to wear underneath my dress to give me some support. And how easy will it be to disguise the feed tube into the bowel?

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Hi, I am 4 years + after my operation. My daughter got married three weeks after the surgery. I did manage to wear a soft bra with an extension piece hook and eye, without too much discomfort. I brought this from a department store bra department, and it just gave a little more room in the back of the bra. I had had my feeding tube removed the day before the surgery😅

I wish you well with your surgery

Thank you That sounds encouraging.

Hi, I am 7years along and still can't wear a bra. The first thing I wore to anchor the girls 😁was a night time maternity bra. It had a wide cuff around my body so quite comfortable. I now wear Secret Support from M&S.

Hope this has been helpful

Edwina xxx

All suggestions are worth considering. I just want to look as good and feel as comfortable as possible on her special day. Thanks.

Hi. My dsughter was married 4 months after my op. I wore a soft cotton crop top for comfort and support. I now wear bras when necessary but will usually go without when at home as I find they're still not that comfortable.

I didn't find the feed tube a problem. It didn't show under my dress and it wasn't being used (I had post op chemo and radiotherapy so had been using it the weeks before) - it was removed shortly after the wedding!

Hope all goes well for you.

Barbara x

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Hope that you were able to enjoy the wedding. Crop top could be a solution and I do have some Sloggi Comfort Top Everyday Bras which I can try. My problem will be it showing through the lace top of the dress but a minor issue all things taken into account. Thanks for your experiences.

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Babs1957 in reply to catlover50

Yes, it was a really lovely day thank you - three years ago this May and I now have a gorgeous granddaughter too! So thankful for every extra moment! Xx

Hi I’m nearly a year after my oesophagectomy and back to my old bras - however this is dependent on the type of surgery you’ve had I had the minimal invasive and not the Ivor Lewis, although I did have incisions and a very sore ribs (still suffering from numbness). After my surgery I couldn’t wear normal underwire bras but soft cup non wire ones - with hook expanders. I also wore the vest that have cups in as hidden support which I could leave the hook straps open at the back.

I also had a feeding tube that I taped up/coiled with surgical tape and was well hidden beneath my clothing .

All the best for your oesophagectomy and the up coming wedding.


I am having the Ivor Lewis but good to know that I should be able to disguise the feeding tube. Many thanks.

How interesting ,I'm glad to see this raised as I too don't wear a bra any more as I still find the band too uncomfortable .I'm 4 years on and really struggled with this after the op .

I've recently discovered Uniqlo's bra tops ,camisoles and vests with inbuilt support . in heatech and airism ,long sleeved tops and bras .

Vgood ,enough support for us larger ladies and cheap !. The 2 i have ,a vest and a long sleeved top are v clingy and show every lump and bump .Ok underneath stuff .And v v comfy .



A more expensive option from Bravismo


I've had their PJ tops before and they're v good ,ok to wear on their own and last ages . ( I leave the bra fastening undone and they are still fine ) But colours are a bit limited .

or their sleep bras ,bralettes etc



I wouldn't worry about the feeding tube - I had one and it didn't show ,no one would have known .Check where your feed tube will be - mine was about level with my navel , sort of waist level .a few inches in from my side .If that makes sense .

You might like to consider a sort of waist wrap to make you feel more comfortable and secure - search belly band or bump band or haramaki .

I know I would have liked something like this


I'm sorry you're going through this and that it's intruding on your daughters wedding - which I'm sure will have it's own set of worries but will be fabulous .

Best wishes .

Thank you so much for your detailed reply and links. I will follow these up after my op...only 2 more days waiting. The waist wrap might be a good idea if it is discreet enough. Guess, as I already have my outfit, I will have to see what alterations will need to be made nearer the wedding date. Am anticipating 10% weight loss so there should be room around middle to wear something around the tube.

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I wear a bikini top most of the time, my bras were miles to big due to size loss but they still left some uncomfortable pressure over the sternum. Scar still remains an issue with a bra hence the bikini to but it took a lot of finding. My sons wedding was 3 months after opp, no dancing but so good to look forward to, It was in a hotel so able to go to bed between reception and evening meal.

Have a really good time,

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catlover50 in reply to Hidden

Yes I have been warned that I will get very tired so a sensible idea to take a break mid afternoon. Seems the scarring takes some time to heal. Thank you.

Hi wireless soft bras depending on your size they do nice lacy ones in fashion now at most department stores. M and s do a range for surgery ( breast cancer). Jml do a front fastening bra. I still wear soft camisole over top and loosen my bra. Cant stand anything tight. Nearly 2 yrs post op . Jej is no problem tape keeps it in position.

How lovely to have something to look forward to.

Good Luck


Thanks , Debbie. Reassuring comment about Jej.

Oh ,thinking of you catlover counting down the time to your op .

They will look after you so well ,you'll be surprised what fantastic care you will have .

I found that I worried about all sorts of things pre op - would I be thirsty ( not at all ) ,would I have an itch I couldn't scratch ( no ! ) ,would I be left without my little sleep hat to cover my bald head ( yes ,but I didn't care ) - and none of them were a problem .

Though I did have a bit of a lump in my throat ( excuse the expression ) when I found out that one of the lovely male nurses in his twenties was a year younger than my son .And worlds apart in terms of maturity !

Everyone was so kind and caring and thoughtful .Will be thinking of you on Monday .

I know I will be in good hands. Thanks for your encouragement.

Thank you for raising this catlover50. I am nearly 9 years post op and like the others have said I often don't wear a bra around the house and have struggled to find comfortable ones. I have tried all types from the high street. I have taken out wires in my bras too but some of the suggestions here sound far more comfortable so will be trying those out. Hope you have a lovely time at the wedding.

champagnelover - I have found these bravissimo.com/products/pj-... v comfy .

A;so Uniqlo which do less pricey soft bras and vest tops with secret support/built in bras .


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This is the start of a new journey , one that alot of us on this site have been through and are wishing you all the best. I find this site so helpful with all the hicups that can occur, I hope it will help you as well.

Thinking of you today catlover .

Good luck for today catlover. You'll be in my thoughts. X

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