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I am 11 years post op and overall have been ok apart from our usual digestive problems. I just wanted to ask if anybody has problems with bread and soft pastry .I am always able to swallow food well but over the last couple of weeks I feel small crumbs in my throat sticking when eating bread and soft pastry and I need to swallow again or drink water. Is does not happen everytime but I am aware of it

I suppose it could be down to throat phlem which I suffer or a change in my PPI to Rabeprazole from Esomemprozole.

Any comments would be appreciated


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Hello Phil! I remember James Gossage from St Thomas' saying that sometimes it is a bit like the kitchen sink when doing the washing up. Sometimes you get the residue from bread that takes a bit more flushing away. There are some in the Achalasia group who find that bread tends to congeal rather than pass through into their stomach. It does seem odd that this has developed recently, but perhaps it might indeed be something to do with saliva / phlegm / change of medication?


Hi Phil

Yes, I have that problem with any food that tends to be glutinous. White bread is a no no, so I stick to coarse, fibrous brown, preferably toasted.

The worst culprits are apple sauce and fish pie.

I find that the rate of descent is slowed by the stickiness and then the peas and carrots jamb

up behind. Takes a lot of shifting particularly as I have a very narrow cervical anastomosis.

Of course it's all down to the lack of peristalsis in the new stomach-eosophagus tube.

Phlegm coming up from the lungs couldn't be to blame as it is above the junction, but if swallowed could then perhaps clog up with some food also trying to go down. I can't see how a PPI could in any way be implicated.


Thanks Guys

I appreciate the comments and it all makes sense



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