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Had another session of pain the other evening coming out of the blue as usual. The pain is in the stomach area where my ribs part. I had gaviston tablets by me and sucked two as I groped my way to the loo as knew my bowels were about to open. Everything was going black like with a fainting episode. The last time I had the pain, in December, I was shopping with my sister and she said the colour just drained from my face and was quite scary to look at.

I looked in the bathroom mirror this time and I saw myself DEAD. Not a scrap of colour was in my face which had sort of dropped. I always have high colouring and this was really scary. Within 15 minutes the pain had gone and it was if it had never happened.

I am wondering if this could be acute pancreatitis. Yes, I should be at the doc's but I completely forget the pain until it hits me again. Thank you for any comments

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It appears that your husband had Oesophageal cancer but that your medical issues probably should be addressed in a different category. I am sorry for the loss of your husband to the insidious disease and hope you find relief for your pain.


Obviously I'm not a doctor and you really should get medical advice. But have you thought of gallbladder disease or gallstones?

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Tragically you have already learnt at first hand, with the loss of your husband, that the average GP is simply not up to the task. Therefore you would be well advised not to delay and to proceed with the maximum caution and skepticism.

I do not know your age nor BMI or any other history but a clue may exist in that you believe a small rotational change in the position of your torso is connected with the onset of pain.

This leads me to suspect an hernia. It may simply stem from wind trapped in an extrusion of the stomach up through the diaphragm. In a more developed worse case scenario you could already be suffering from acid erosion. This is the route that your spouse followed.

Either way I think you should be properly investigated, promptly.

Why not request an immediate gastroscopy? If you ask for sedation it is a quick, painless procedure. At least you will have peace of mind.

Have you tried pressing deeply in the sternal area? Is there any tenderness? Does it relieve the pain?


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