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Post op diet and Cholestorol

Hi I had my op in 2009 and finished all my treatment on the 28th february 2010. just before i was diagnosed I was told I had high cholestrol and i should watch my diet. (at the time i was trying to lose weight and eating what was considered heathly) After my op the doctor told me to eat whatever I felt like and to make sure i ate alot of calories, not to think about cholestorol or health just to eat what my body wantedand make sure it had lots of calories. I finally last week after having reached a weight which has given me some curves back decided to get my cholestorol measured since my diet was Cream, more cream, cheese, advacados, chocolate, biscuits, meat, steak, red wine, all things not on a cholestorol good list and to my surprise I have a cholestorol level of 4.29, it has probably been up and down in the past few years as my system has repaired itself and learnt to work again, but my doc and dietician were right just get the system working get the weight back on slowly (7 years), find food you enjoy eating and enjoy life.

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Hi Liz

That's great to hear because we all tend to worry about losing weight .Before my operation I was 12.10 and after the Op 10.9. I have now settled at 11stone and have not changed for 9 years. I also eat a high fat diet with lots of cheese butter and yogurt and sometimes chocolate and that as stabilized my weight I also do lots of exercise that I enjoy and perhaps if I did not I would put on weight but that would not be the right thing to do. Like you I have thought about Cholesterol so I am so pleased that your diet as not effected that and its probably down to our new plumbing.




All very odd. The same happened to me. One pill per day fewer! And I can use grapefruit juice again.


Hello Liz

Good to hear about your progress and that things have worked out so well. I suspect that we would never have thought that it would take so long. I can remember the surgeon telling me that the body does try and heal itself, and your experience has borne that out.

Kindest regards



Hello Liz,

I am glad to hear you are doing well. I have been worried about my Mum eating such high fat foods since her op 10 weeks ago! worrying also about her losing weight! Worrying about what is best! It’s good to hear your recovery experience, it helps others on their recovery path. Wishing you further good health. Thank you for sharing x

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