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Fyi .. reflux .. trapped wind .. yoga improves things

Ive had nissen but still get some reflux in the morning particularly as i turn in bed. My bed is well elevated but the pressure pushes the reflux up hill.

Ive been on you tube and searched .. yoga bloating. Before bed i do 20min yoga trapped wind session to release trapped wind and this minimises/stops the morning reflux. At the min for me its about pressure build up in my stomach .. possibly my nissen may have to be revisited due to trapped wind .. see consultant 26jan.

By the way .. i cant do all the yoga exercises properly but do what i can to compress stomach/intestines to release air.

Cheers. G

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Hi Gary,

I’ve had Nissens too and still suffer with reflux and bloating and sometimes I double up with the gas pain.

I’ve just started to take Wind-eze and that helps a lot

Hope we can get ourselves sorted out 😌


Hiya.. good luc with windeze .. will bear it in mind. . Its the release of trapped wind ... normally in the early morning ... that pushes food up for me. Last night .. 30min yoga for digestion exercises b4 bed and i had a perfect night. Absolute pain doing Y b4 bed butits so nice to wake up not belching etc. Best regards. G


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