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Acid reflux

My husband recently had a peg removal after several months being fed by bag he has been eating very well for three months had peg removed 2weeks ago. Then about same time he would be eating and all of a sudden would pocket and hold food in mouth. He would have to spit out,no consistency with what is eaten time of day,or solids or liquids.Could it be regurgitation or acid reflux from peg removal.

Anyone have an idea, the hospital will redo a swallow test . Hubby thinks he has a sore throat but can,t explain exactly what problem is. Could it be stomach acids backing up while peg site is healing. Anyone have an idea..

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This is something that the hospital would need to sort out, and it sounds like they have this in hand with the swallow test. They would probably also want to check the site of the peg removal to ensure that there has been no adhesion.

The sore throat could be the result of acid reflux, or perhaps bile, perhaps because of food now going through its proper route again.

It sounds like there is a reaction against the food being swallowed normally, and perhaps the system getting re-trained into coping with food again.

It might be worth trying bland and sloppy food first of all in very small quantities, perhaps like weaning a baby on to solid food when their digestive system has not been trained for it?

This is non-qualified speculation on my part, but it does sound very much like the system being re-trained into coping with the food, or a complication of the peg removal rather than anything more malign.


Thank you for the response the hospital has put him back on liquid diet for couple days. Doctor seems to think it is a brain issue, . I believe the reason for that is because he has been eating without problems now for three months. However the peg was removed just two weeks ago. This pocketing started about the same time the peg removed.the problem is he is a very thin man and has recently regained a fair bit if weight back since he started eating again. Now that he is on high calorie liquid diet he is having diarrhea . With peg out now is essential he eat again, it is not that he is unwilling just don't understand pocketing, the hospital feels will pass. They are concerned about weight loss.


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