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? Laryngitis

Hi I had a cardio oesophagectomy for cancer 20 months ago, a long recovery as I'm sure you know but up to now has been fairly uneventful. About 3 weeks ago I lost my voice and have been to my doctor twice. He tells me the risk is low for laryngeal cancer and said he can't refer me to ENT until I've been like this for 4 weeks. It's not improving and I seem to have trouble burping, I have no pain and can swallow just fine although I didn't have any symptoms with the oesophageal cancer. Has anyone else experienced anything like this. I'm really worried.

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It's understandable to be worried but in the big scheme of things waiting another week or so to be referred isn't too bad. When he does refer you given your history they are likely to progress you quickly Not having been there myself I can't offer any further advice but try not to worry as that doesn't help matters at all. Good luck and let us know how it goes Ray


Has he been straining his voice? Sometimes after these operations one does get into the habit of breathing in a way that is more shallow than it should be, and it can play a bit of havoc with the vocal cords.

So when you breathe in, your stomach should go out; and vice versa.

It is a bit like actors and singers having voice training


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