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Almost 2 months


Its been almost 2 months since I went to the hospital because I had a tight throat and thought I could not breathe. So far the Omeprazole seems to be working. My tightness has gone down. I'm not throwing up so much saliva.

Had an EGD, GI doctor said nothing abnormal came up. That it could be a throat infection. Went to an ENT, and said the same thing. Just on the tongue there was some white but not really much.

My Stomach still gets a liitle tight and it feels like i'm tired and heavy breathing. I can eat some solid foods again. But the last 2 weeks I got this noise my throat makes when I breathe in. Its like a vibration or snoring. ENT said he has no idea why I do that noise because when he put the camera down,I didn't do the noise.

When I sleep I don't do that noise either. But I do sleep with an Pulse oxymeter and on occasions when I wake up I see that my oxygen is at 75 but goes back up to normal seconds later.

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I do not know the answer, but I do wonder whether you might possibly also be suffering from thrush / candidiasis that might explain the white stuff? If the Omeprazole is working, that is at least a positive development and might suggest that the problem might be caused by reflux and some problem that might be healing itself when the acid level in your stomach is not so high.

zeneros in reply to Hidden

yeah I hope so. Both GI and ENT doctors could not find anything wrong. ENT said he only saw white in my tongue and not in my throat. GI said she saw nothing abnormal in the stomach. ENT believes it might be LPR.

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