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Update on my condition

So far its been 11 days since I went to the ER and I thought I was not breathing. After I went to my GP and gave Omeprazole, its been a scary ride.

The tightness in my throat seems to be going down. Still feel some mild to little tightness all day. Still throwing up saliva/mucus around 3-5 a day. I don't feel so weak as before.

The only problem Im dealing with now is when my breathing gets low and I think I'm not breathing well and I start gasping for air. Same when my throat is dry or sticky. I get my pulse oximeter to see if im getting enough oxygen since I have asthma. Sometimes I feel like I have to put extra effort to take a breath. Feels like my lungs are tire. But when I do breathing exercises or burp it seems too calm down. I get really scare when that happens.

Hope I get better soon. I miss my old routine life. I hate being depress in bed all day.

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Acid can irritate the lungs and then mimic asthma symptoms of not being able to breath. You have not been on omeprazole very long and it takes a few weeks to work so hang on in there xxx


thank you it makes me feel better. I thought it might be my lungs. Its awful feeling like my lungs are tired.

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