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Is this alchalasia??

Hi my name is Denise. On April 25 of this year I started developing issues with swallowing and in a matter of days I couldn't swallow that well. Solid food would get stuck and liquids come back up. I saw a gastroenterologist on May 10 and had an Endoscopy and a modified barium swallow done and both came back normal, they only found mild gastritis. I was told that to resume my diet, I did and symptoms persist. There are other symptoms that appear around the time this started like hypoalgesia, pins and needles on hand and feet, cramping on my limbs, double vision on one eye, and total loss of gag reflex. I have an appointment with a neurologist in a few days, but I call my gastroenterologist to get another appointment since I've already lost close to 30 pounds since this stared. What kind of foods can I eat? Or does anyone have any suggestions?

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I have achalasia and Have had two ops god knows how many endoscopys and manometrys now and also balloon dilations and have only one more op to go. I have suffered for 10 years but when I first knew something was wrong I was not keeping anything down docs kept saying acid reflux. After two years of arguing with them and lost 6 stone in8 months they took notice and barium swallow showed only bits getting through. I tried alsorts but my diet has. Iq changed. Give it a try to have smooth food that goes down easily so avoid things like pork and any heavy meat etc. Bread was a major no go as doesn't break down easily. I have now found that spaghetti bolognese a small amount, shepherds pie, mash, home made soups give you the nutrients, but meals are smaller and try little and often. Keep hassling the doctors as my lowest weight went to 5st 2 and it was very scary. I'm struggling every day still but pleased I now know what I'm dealing with. Please keep nagging the gps etc and don't give up ok. Good luck and I really hope you start to keep something down. Try very small amounts


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