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Hi I'm sappire

I've had relic for the past 16 years.

I started off with a tube in my nose but as I love food every time I ate I am sick so I asked if I could have a peg which they put in a Jpeg after a while I went to London Royal Free Hospital to have a pacemaker put in my stomach which has now stopped working and continue to keep me sick on eating anything I've loss loads of weight and asked for my tube to be put back in which they just now have done in the top of my stomach I have discovered I have a hernia and where the hernia is they say that's where my food collects . Waiting on scan. I'm have my liquid feed but Everytime I drink coffee my coffee is going in my feeding tube .How can this be happening? Kind regards sappire

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You are being treated by a good hospital and it sounds like you may have some kind of motility problem affecting your stomach / oesophagus. It is possible that some form of surgery may be able to repair your hernia and improve the flow past the sphincter into your stomach, but that there are also issues further down your system. The feeding tube may be allowing liquid to flow in the opposite direction because of gravity perhaps.

This is a very specialist area and you do need specialist advice.


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