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Hi, just introducing myself! I am following this group as my Dad has Oesophageal cancer, diagnosed in January and currently in the middle of his first lot of chemo. He is doing well, prognosis is good (thankfully!!), op will be sometime around June we think which will be followed by more chemo. He has never read any of the info given him, preferring me to read it and then he asks me if he wants to know something :-D I think he doesn't want to read anything unpleasant by accident! I thought it may be useful for my Dad and myself if I joined this community.

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  • Hi Natchap. Sorry to hear about your Dad. But you've come to the right place.

    I could have written your post myself. My Dad has just finished his 3rd cycle of ECX chemo and is hopefully having the op in May.

    He hasn't read a word of anything, he knows barely anything. The only things he does know are things that he asks me.

    I have been on here since December, and I have pretty much found an answer to every question I have had. Then I just relay to him when he wants to know.

    Mostly he doesn't, so that's fine. I have just told him the important things that have been helpful and he has done them if they have been necessary.


  • Thanks, hope your Dad is doing ok??

  • He's ok at the moment yes thanks. He's had a rough couple of weeks during his last cycle of ECX but now he's been off the chemo since last Thursday he's more and more like himself each day.

    Which chemo is your Dad on? Xx

  • Ah, that's good then. I don't know what type my Dad's on but it doesn't seem to be affecting him yet. He has to go once every 3 weeks for 9 weeks and has just had his 2nd lot.

  • That's good that he seems ok so far.

    My Dad had to go once every 3 weeks too, but in between, he also took 8 chemo tablets per day.xx

  • Gosh, that's quite a lot, I think my Dad just takes 2 per day. It is a learning curve isn't it! I was so gutted when he got the diagnosis..not ready to lose him yet, but I'm confident we'll have him around for a good while now. The operation concerns me but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it x

  • It's devastating isn't it. Absolutely life changing.

    How old is your Dad if you don't mind me asking?


  • My dad is 68 but very fit and active.

  • That stands him in good stead. My Dad is 56 and is a very young 56 at that! Xx

  • Yes the consultant said he would be pleased he'd kept so fit further down the line.

  • Your dad should be fine and very lucky 🍀 to have you looking out for him.

    I went thru all cycles of ECX and what they don't tell you ( because we are all slightly different) is that it can be mood changing and is very very tiring. I found it hard even to concentrateon the TV.

  • I agree with the mood changes Mark. My Dad is such a calm and kind person but during his ECX he would get furious with all sorts of things!

    Hope you are well.


  • Amy is right. The people on this site are really nice to each other, some are very well informed and helpful, and many have gone through this nasty disease and the op and are able to tell you how it affected them. I am four years post-op and doing well, living a normal life, with some issues due to an unpredictable digestive system. Keep in touch. Haward

  • Hi Natchap, this site is an absolutely invaluable resource of information for those affected by OC. I had an Ivor Lewis procedure in June 2015 following three rounds of ECX and can vouch for the fact that there's light at the end of that tunnel you probably feel you inhabit right now. The procedure is properly life-changing but one soon develops strategies to accommodate 'the new normal'. At this juncture I can only say that your father is one the lucky ones, eligible for surgery, which is only undertaken with curative intent; and that June is an excellent time to undergo the procedure (from my own experience), as recuperating in sunshine is truly life-affirming and engenders a generally positive outlook! Best wishes to your Pa, you and your family. Everyone here is rooting for you.

  • Thank you everyone, I will pass on your best wishes and positive comments :-)

  • Hi NatChap

    Welcome to you and your dad! I have found this site so very help for advise and information, especially when you can link up with people that have gone through it or are going through it. It personally makes me feel not so alone on my journey.

    It's great news to hear that your dad is doing so well. I am due to start Chemo next week. I to have oesphageal cancer like your dad and at the end of Feb this year I had a oesophagectomy so I am still in what you call recovery at 6 weeks in.

    Keep us updated on your dad and remember no question is a silly question on here - we are all in the same boat!


  • Thank you x How is your recovery going? My Dad has been pleasantly surprised at how he's coping with the chemo, he gets a bit of a 'fuzzy' head for a couple of days and then feels ok and is still able to go out walking which he loves (albeit a little steadier than he used to). I guess my concern for him is the after effects of the op.

  • NatChap - my recovery has been good I think the best advise I got was make sure you 'don't run before you can walk- those baby steps' as such I took each day by day to regaining my strength and stamina. I've had a few hiccups but nothing major - yesterday I had to go and have my join stretched as the scar tissue was forming a stricture and effecting my eating - but all in all it can be quickly sorted. For me its trying to find a 'new normal' again - at 43 and I was extremely active & fit and I also had an outdoors job. So there have been some big changes in my life since then.

    That's such great news about how your father is responding to chemo - for me I am dreading this more than my op to be honest as I don't cope with sickness well. Tell your dad to keep himself mentally strong - he can win this - plus with your help he has a good support network to help him through it.

  • I know everyone is different but he hasn't had any sickness at all. In fact after his first cycle the anti nausea tablets gave him terrible constipation so this time he hasn't taken any and is fine. He found his skin got a little sore and dry but even that comes and goes. Good luck with your chemo..keep in mind it's only temporary and just a means to an end (and a happier one at that) xxxx

  • Hi Natchap,

    Hope your Dad gets on ok. My husband had his surgery in January. You will find everyone really helpful here, and like you and Amy, he won't read up but prefers me to do it for him. Keep us posted as to how he goes xxxxxxx

  • Thank you I will xx

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