February is Oesophageal cancer awareness month

February is Oesophageal cancer awareness month

I am promoting Oesophagealnawareness month for February by taking posters to chemists and have also put the poster on my Facebook page to make others aware of the risks of having heartburn etc and to encourage them to see their GP if it is persistent and take over the counter medication often. I have had a good response from people I don't know who have thanked me as they had not heard of oesophageal cancer or known the risks from having heartburn please visit my page on FB and share my post lets get this across the world and to help save lives by making more people aware thank you everyone


February is Oesophageal Cancer Awareness month.....please share this on your FB page to make others aware of this cruel disease ..........

it can be treated successfully if found early so dont wait until it is too late !!!!

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  • Where can I find you on Facebook Margie? Xx

  • Hi Amy look for Margaret Procter my profile pic is of my GS dog with a Xmas penguin lol xx

  • Found you Margie but it won't let me add you so I've sent you an inbox so you know it's me :-) x

  • Not received anything Amy xx

  • If you would like to Send me a friend request i will accept you lovely xx

  • It won't let me for some reason, I think my message will have gone into your "others" inbox. If you search for me, my name is Amy Carroll my profile pic is me holding my baby on a baby carrier and my dog on a lead walking up Cannock chase , that should work xx

  • Found you sent a friend request xx

  • Margie

    Well done you. I have shared and re-tweeted this. Do we have a "Linkedin Feed"that we can add, so we can share there too?


  • Thank you Bruce I'm not sure how to do links etc as I'm not that good I just copy & paste lol but I've given leaflets out to GP surgeries corner shops everywhere in my area so the message is getting across in Stoke I've even taken the posters into the College where I used to work as there are hundreds of staff working there from outside the area and visitors come from all over the country so I'm hoping the messages goes a lot further out of Staffordshire too


  • Hi, A similar article is on Linked -in published by myself :)


  • Ray.

    That is great. Thank you. Please feel free to look me up on LinkedIn. Bruce Millar. Hitachi.

  • Well done! We are hoping that we can really make an impact with this campaign. If anyone else would like to get involved, just let me know by email alanmoss32@gmail.com and I can send you out some leaflets and posters. It is something that you can do locally, in your own time and at your own pace.

  • I work in pharmacy within a GPs surgery will email you

  • Hi i have just sent a message on FB as I also can not add you. for some reason will not give us the option. My name is Michelle Holden my brother has this awful cancer and is at present in Christies with a chest infection.

    I also work in pharmacy and was wondering how or were you have got your posters/info from?

  • Hi Winnie i got my posters from OPA from Alan ive put his link below but there is a message from Alan on here just above your message healthunlocked.com/user/OPA...

    My thoughts are with you and your brother

    I will look for you on fb x

  • Thank you

    I have just emailed Alan

    we need to spread the awareness

  • Hi i have checked my settings on fb you should be able to request me now x

  • Have done it now. x

  • Hi i got turned down by two chemists one being Tesco and the other Boots they say they need permission from government to display poster and leaflets. Going to try independent chemists if not leisure centre etc.

  • Me too also Lloyds refused to display the posters so i adked all ghe small independent chemists who all agreed and i asked lical GP surgeries and community crntres too

  • That's outrageous: my local Lloyd's were only too happy to take the promotional material. I was also in London for a week and none of the pharmacies I approached in Tufnell Park, Hampstead and Kentish Town demurred - all could see that it's designed to save lives...

  • I will try and find out whats going on from there head offices.

  • Thats a load of old cobblers! speak to there head office. The have to display a certain amount of health material.

  • I have emailed their head office

  • Me too, the more we nag the more they will listen! hopefully x

  • More success today my Gp'S Surgery took some ,local chemist and Cheshunt Walk in Hospital.

  • Thats great well done

  • Hi Margie, I've sent you a friends request on face book.

  • Not received a request x

  • Shared on facebook ... great idea to share on FB too .

  • Instagrammed this morning, too...

  • Hi Margie - I have now shared your post on FB with my friends and followers. I was diagnose with cancer of the O in Nov 2016 I have started a blog documenting my journey to get the news out there - there has been some very positive reactions which has prompted people to take note and action about their own situations. I never in my wildest dreams was I aware that my acid reflux could lead me to this - I've been suffering in my teens and now at 43 I'm awaiting surgery.

  • Hi i had my O in 2012 and was asked to do a blog but i didnt seem to know what to write lol

    I wish you well with your journey and thoughts are with you for your surgery please kerp in touch lovely good luck x

  • Thank you Margie I definitely will, I am getting so much positivity and strength from you and other survivors - keep up the good work xx

  • Thank you please keep in touch xx

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