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Worried for mum

Hiya this is my first post I'm trying to get advice if possible I'm worried sick about my mum she is 70 and for the past 2 years she has had reflux and constant heart burn the gp gave her tablets but they never helped however for the past year she couldn't keep a full meal down the past few weeks she hasent kept any food down and now she can't keep water down I'm worried she has cancer don't know what to do or where to turn

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Hi Maria.

I would say the first port of call should be your mothers GP, and if possible maybe you could go with her to fully explain all your concerns. If you are not satisfied with what he/she has to say ask for a second opinion. Hope you get this resolved soon.

Kind Regards


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Hello Maria

Please get your mother to the doctor, as it sounds like exactly the same thing that happened to my mum. (She is 79.)

Her problems began back in May when she brought up a piece of toasted sandwich she was trying to eat. She'd had no prior problems, so neither of us had any idea what it was, but I insisted that she see the doctor. Unfortunately, she did not make an appointment at the time, and when she did see the doctor about something else, a month later, she did not mention it.

She subsequently ended up having a four-week stay in hospital at the end of September after an emergency endoscopy. (She'd fainted at home, and an emergency doctor's appointment revealed weight loss - 5 stone 3 lbs - and dehydration.)

Unfortunately, a mass was found, but it wasn't that that had put her in hospital. It was the fact that over a period of 4 months, she had more or less stopped eating and drinking, due to nearly all food getting stuck and coming straight back up. (I had no idea it had gone this far.) She was on an intravenous drip for almost two weeks.

It is understandable that you and your mum are worried, but it is important for her to be checked out. My mother is now home, but the sad consequence of all this is that she is too weak for chemotherapy or surgery. (She had a stent fitted, so she can now eat.) If my mother had seen a doctor back in May, it would have saved an awful lot of stress and worry, and perhaps she could have had treatment back then.

So, get your Mum to the doctor, and if she doesn't make an appointment for herself, make one for her. Wishing you all the best, and perhaps you could let me know how you get on.



When you say your mum can't keep food down, do you mean that she can't swallow, or that she vomits it back up. If the former, then it could be cancer, but it could also just be oesophagitis, or something else. Either way, she needs to see her GP and preferably get a referral to a consultant gastroenterologist.


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