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Is it esophagus cancer?

Hello, my name is Kosta. I am still not diagnosed with cancer but I have a lot of test and I still don not know what is it. Everything started 8 months ago with pain in my ribs between 4-6 rib on my right chest side. In next month i began to fill pain in my upper abdomen(both sides of diaphragm, exactly bellow the ribs), my chest(including the collar bone and sternum) and my neck. The pain is recurring and not severe. It s like dull pain. That is every day. I also have very strange pains in my palms, heels and eyes it feels like discomfort. Also I belch a lot, that came 2 months ago. I had 5 blood test, two abdominal ultrasound, urine tests and twice X-ray on my chest, H.Pylori and saliva slab, stool test all negative. I would like to apologize for the spelling and thank you for your help in advance. I am wondering could that be esophagus cancer? I am not loosing weight, no fever and no diarrhea.

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Please go for an endoscopy to confirm.

They would be able to do a biopsy if they see anything


I agree with Mulomulo, you need an endoscopy.



I suffered from (now eighteen months post op) Oesophageal Cancer.

I had no Rib Pain, Shoulder Pain or Abdomen Pain. I also did not hiccup any more than is normal.

Food and drink would get stuck after swallowing but before my stomach (in the oesophagus).

I eventually developed black stools (bleeding)

If you are really concerned (sounds like you are) then ask for a CT scan and Ultrasonic Endoscopy. Both of these tests showed my tumour.

As the tumour grows, swallowing can become more difficult and may lead to vommiting/choking as the food gets stuck where it cannot pass the tumour.

I am not a doctor so my opinion is simply based on my experience as a sufferer.

Good Luck.


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There is something wrong with you, but it does not sound like oesophageal cancer, but as we are not medically qualified, your best bet is to continue with the tests that your doctor recommends.

An endoscopy would clarify whether there is anything to be found that would suggest oesophageal cancer (like, say a tumour causing difficulty in swallowing) and they may also take a biopsy to test the tissue for signs of disease.

The endoscopy might also be useful to investigate why you are belching a lot. There may be something wrong with your stomach, and this could be a wide range of things other than cancer.

It would be a good idea to review with your doctor what the tests have shown so far, and what the next stage of their investigation should be.


Hi Kosta,

Initially, I only struggled with/had pain with, food sticking when I went to GP.

Medics (in the plural) IGNORED this MAIN presentation for a minor issue I'd also mentioned and DIDN'T INCLUDE THE THORAX (top third, above abdomen) in tests arranged. Long story short, after 4.5 months of tests on abdo/pelvis - and me pushing for an earlier Endoscopy than appt. finally arranged - I was diagnosed with locally advanced OC.

By this time, as well as losing nearly 2 stone and having no energy, I'd had persistent pain across top of diaphragm and across my back, level with my shoulder blades for about 2.5 mths. and bringing up red bile. I did hiccup more. I didn't have rib pain, fever or diarrhoea.

Pleased that Bruce, above, didn't suffer pain across diaphragm or back and was, hopefully, at a lower stage, since he was able to have surgery.

* I'm writing simply to suggest sure that, from the latter pain sites you describe, it appears that your tests should possibly have included the thorax, rather than just the abdomen? *

It may be that, with so many different items you presented with, the medics had to prioritise tests, based on likely highest risk factors.

Everyone is different. What does tend to suggest it may NOT be OC is that you don't

mention struggling with food/swallowing and no loss of weight after 8 mths. - but, for your own health/reassurance, an Endoscopy would confirm it either way.

Best wishes - I do hope you can get an accurate diagnosis and treatment for all your problems.


If you think it might be cancer. I am not saying it is, then go to a major hospital have a scope and biopsy done. Esophageal cancer is no joke. It spreads fast. Take care.


Thank you fellows for your support. I am waiting for endoscopy and tomorrow i have abdominal MRI. I have pain in thorax. I will update later. Again thanks to everyone.


I would like to ask you one more thing. Does every type of OC lead eventually to difficulty swallowing?


Any update with your condition?


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