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Cancer Research UK Information

Thanks to David, members of the group at Guildford, and indeed many others, Cancer Research UK have now revised the way that they present information about oesophageal cancer on their website. This is something of a trial run, and the approach may be extended to other cancer types in due course. This is particularly important if you have just been diagnosed, especially when there is a lot of misleading information available on the internet.


So thank you to those involved, and to CRUK. They are interested in any feedback, by the way.

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I've just read the revised Oesophageal Cancer information and am very impressed with it's presentation and content! It's very informative, very clear and answers everything a newly diagnosed patient could be worried about or want to know in a logical sequence.


Although this is informative, I get annoyed with the reasons given for people getting Oesophageal cancer as being overweight, alcohol and smoking. I was a vegetarian and not overweight, I didn't smoke and I liked a glass of red wine but not to excess. I was fit and healthy taking regular exercise.

I also found the survival rates a worry too, I am six years post op, and hoping for many more years ahead of me, but this has put a doubt in my mind


I agree - I know lots of people who have had healthy lifestyles who do not fit into the risk categories. The statistics do not really translate into an individual situation. Try not to let the statistics worry you. Having come this far you are being reasonable in expecting many years ahead of you.

But I'll pass your comments on.

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