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Spleen removal

Hi All

I need some advice.

I have received the following email - "When I had my operation, they removed my spleen. I had penicillin tablets for quiet a long time. One day at the hospital on a check up, I was told there was a one off injection, which i had. A few months ago I heard they had changed this, so I went to the docs to ask, and yes I need another injection, which I'm having tomorrow morning. I wonder if any other person in our groups who lost a spleen, know about this. "

Can anyone advise?


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I have had my spleen removed I take a low dose penicillin tablet every day, I also get a Pneumovax injection every 5 years.

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The one-off injection was likely a pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine, as mentioned in the previous post.  A newer version, which covered more strains of bacteria, was released.  To get the newer version is likely the reason for another shot.  It is recommended that all persons get the pneumonia vaccine after splenectomy.  \wc


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