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Advice please

Hey guys,

Just a quick question my dad is 13 months post op and has been doing fantastically well he has gained 3 stones and looks really well. The past week he has been having trouble swallowing he said he feels a weird sensation where his new osophagus starts and his chest area hurts he has just over a very bad flu and since then has had this pain he has to have a lot of water or a can of pop to get the food down. I'm really scared of any recurrence and will call the upper GI first thing Monday morning. it doesn't help he doesn't share his feelings with me as he says I go to deep in to matters when it might not be anything but I can't help myself just want to do everything I can for him. but wanted to ask you guys who are post op if you have you had this issue and its ended up being a recurrence or something else I am continuously reassuring him but I'm a nervous wreck and so worried can not bear to hear anything bad it's been a very tough journey as you all will know going through similar experiences please any advice will help to ease my mind.

Thank you so much again for your continuous support and love 



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Hello. I am sorry to hear that your Dad is having problems swallowing again. You are right in that you need to contact the doctor or surgeon who did the operation for him in the morning. It may be that your Dad may need the anastomosis where his new oesophagus starts stretched to open things up again. This is simply done in the endoscopy departement. The procedure is called a Gastroscopy with a Dilatation. Good luck. I have had this done numerous times.



Thank you so much for your reply dad has had a throat stretch 3 times last year and said that was the maximum he could do. I'm just worried about the chest pain he has had for the last week and where the new joint is he said there is a weird feeling there when he swollows I'm just hoping its scar issue and hopefully the upper GI can see us ASAP 

Thanks again xxx


Is he troubled by reflux in either the day or at night? His discomfort may be down to irritation from that.

It is unlikely that so soon after the op there could be a recurrence of the carcinoma.

Shrinking of the lumen of the anastomosis sounds like a possibility and I am not aware of any limitation in the number of times a stretch can be done ------BUT you will find that there is behind-the-scenes rationing, the NHS has to try to save money anyhow it can, particularly where age is a factor. Persist.

Your Dad is very lucky to have you.


It is a long uncharted road ahead, side effects  come and go But please remember you also have a difficult role in this as you stand at the side and look on, anxious to do everything you can. You also have to look after yourself to be able to support your dad. The support carer's role is often the one that is neglected.

Many set backs will crop up and equally resolve themselves given time and the help of professionals. The operation is a good start and all of us travel with hope.

I'm sure my family/ carer's went through the same anxiety but after my 22yr survival they now take the ups and downs in their stride

There is plenty of help out there, you are not alone Best wishes sally


Hi guys 

Just a quick update on dads health we went to see the dr couple of weeks ago who said he seemed to have an infection in his throat and that's why he possibly had the pain in his throat and after a week off having antibiotics his pain has gone thankfully. We went to see his upper gi today who said she was not concerned and said he has been cancer free for a year and has done remarkably well and has put a lot of weight on and said that dad needs to just manage his weight as she said she doesn't want him to put more weight on she said dad was the first patients she's seen with osophagus cancer looking so well we were so relieved on cloud 9. Everyone in dads team have been amazing and thanks to everyone for their kind advice when ever I needed it just thought I would update you all with dads health.

Thank you again 

Farrah xxx


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