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Some health issues six years on

Hi All

Not posted on here for a while, do though still read other members posts. It's been over six years since my Ivor Lewis and have been doing well. I do though now have some health issues that I wish to bring up as others may have similar symptoms.

After my op recovery was slow but each month brought an improvement and most of the aches, pains and discomfort eased off. What did linger was a cough whenever I ate and some pain/discomfort under my ribs and the occasional bout of vomiting. As others also had these symptoms I was not overly concerned and accepted this as normal.

However, over the last year the cough got worse and the pain under my ribs increased along with the bouts of vomiting bile. When a friend also had pain in the same area as me and the vomiting after eating some foods, was diagnosed with Gaul stones, I asked my doctor to check me over. An ultrascan showed this was also my problem and I'm now waiting for them to be removed. My cough meanwhile was getting worse and after another visit to the doctors was sent for an X-ray. Two days later my doctor phoned to tell me that the X-ray showed some nodules in my lungs and that I will get a call in the next couple of days from the hospital to have a CT Scan.

I'm now waiting for that call and although concerned what the CT will show I try to remain positive.

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Ad try not to be concerned about lung nodules i had one that turned out to consoladation from infection.

My last xray was all clear of that but have nasty gastric bubble

You might be sufferind tad of gard if bit chesty as reflux can do that


If you have had trouble with bile aspirating into your lungs and giving you a cough, this might indeed be the cause of the X-ray findings, but you certainly need a scan to clarify the cause.

Gallstones and bile duct problems can indeed also occur.

As with all tests and scans you never know the result until afterwards, and it is natural to be anxious, but I do hope the results go well. Do not be reluctant to express your fears to the radiologist as I am sure they will understand, and reassure you if they can.


I had my Gallbladder removed during the Ivor Lewis procedure just in case stones developed at a later date.

If they propose Cholecystectomy then it is vital that you discuss the proposed method with the surgeon -- after IL your torso will be full of adhesions which can make it extremely difficult to get unfettered access. Personally I would not entertain a laparascopic technique as I do not believe it to be safe in a congested operating field.

Fourteen years after the IL I developed lung cancer. It took me many months to find a surgeon who was willing to perform a second thoracotomy on top of the original IL incision and remove the lung.

Six years on from that I am still here to tell the tale.

Regarding your cough -- are you sleeping with the head of your bed raised 6 to 8 inches? That precaution goes a long way to preventing aspiration of reflux and giving you sounder, worry-free sleep.



It's good to hear from someone that has simerlar health problems as myself, and has gone through all that surgery and is doing well six years on.. Will discuss with the surgeon the concerns you have raised. Beds only about 4 inches raised will raise it another couple of inches and see it that helps.


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