Constantly troubled with catarrh

Constantly troubled with catarrh

I'm constantly having to clear my thoat sometimes bringing up catarrh, and sometimes on waking first thing in the morning getting blood in the catarrh. I'm also on warfarin since about 6 weeks ago, which is roughly when the problem started.( my inr is 2.9 Any advise would be very welcome!

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  • Hello I'm John 22years post op

    My remedy is Potters chesty cough pastilles. Take one in the morning. And one in he afternoon. Use just POTTERS

    the others won't do it

    Best of luck yours. John

  • Thankyou John, I will give them a try. Thanks again.

  • I think I would want to check on the causes of the bleeding. Sounds like a visit to the GP.

  • Thanks Alan I'm booked in with GP for Tuesday Kind Regards Chris.

  • You haven't filled in your history details so I don't know if you have had an oesophagectomy or not.

    If you have had one then you certainly should not be on Warfarin.Even Aspirin is contra-indicated.

    Any bleed whilst taking an anticoagulant should be investigated PDQ.

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