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So gp referred me to gastroentrrology appointment letter. Came today,so went online to book an appt . four dates available so booked first available one on 4th sept entered all data and selected date and time only for it to not confirm the appt and system crashed.phones them and said appointments gone as I spoke to her to ask her to confirm my booking.she couldn'feeling the tearful now cos may have to wait three months??

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It is distressing and I am sorry you have ad this trouble. I suggest that you telephone the gastroenterologist's secretary and see whether they can bring it forward or not, let you know if there is a cancellation, or make it an urgent one. Some hospitals are a lot more flexible than others on this I am afraid.


Hi Alan, rather than wait for a call that may not happen I found the number of my local hospital appointment bookers and rang them.they confirmed my appointment was booked.saw gp today re pelvic pain snd what may the cause be-from op i had two years ago or a prolapse and now very concerned it is serious cos she said wait til seen consultant as they may be connected.my gp had rushed it thru as urgent.I'm just waiting on the appt letter to come through.


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