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Eating out !

Hi .. i had my ivor lewis operation 2yrs ago , i love eatng out but would like smaller portions sometimes without ordering from a childrens menu.

I know there is a card that can be obtained to show in resturants etc , but i do not

knoe where or how to get one . Would appreciate if anyone can help me with this please.

All the best to us all on our journey ..

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Good evening this is the OPA helpline please call 0121 704 9860 on Monday where you can order a small portion meal card. These are also downloadable from our website on opa.org.uk

Best wishes




I tend to order a starter to come with wife's / friend's main, then we share a pud.

Some places will be ok to order a child's potion off the main adult menu, or if just the two of us we go for 1 large and ask for a spare plate, no one has refused yet.

Go to OPA for the card as very handy if going somewhere new.

My local pub now knows us well so never a problem, and our local Chinese bring out the doggy bags with the bill so we have lunch for the next day.

I had surgery in Sept 2006 so now used to asking for exactly what I want when eating out.

Hope this helps,

Kind regards,

Dave C

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I don't use the card but I know that many find it more than useful. It's a discreet way of advising the restaurant about your condition. I tend to ask for a smaller portion and tell them directly that I can't manage a full portion and that I'd rather not waste food. Sometimes they just can't organise a small portion so I leave half the food. Sometimes they can and I leave a big tip and lots of thanks.



I had my surgery 15 months ago and like you I enjoy eating out although it's not the pleasure it once was. I have a card from the OPA. It's good to have it with you but in my experience no one has looked at it so far. When I say due to medical condition I can only eat a child size portion but would like it from the adult menu it hasn't been a problem. Usually a bit limited as not everything will be appropriate to be given in smaller portion but I've been really impressed at how helpful restaurants have been. Good luck.


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Sometimes it can be embarrassing...the first time I used my card in pub the landlord was fine but when his wife served our meals to a party of 10, as she served my meal she said in a loud voice ' this is usually served to children under 10 only' Of course I never went in there again.


Hi everyone ,

many thanks for all your replies.


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