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has anyone had cold sweats

My husband has experienced sweats , with weakness and he ends ups soaked, he said he feels like he's going to pass out..he has had this about five times, has anyone else experienced this? ( He had his esophagus removed)

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I get that happen to me when I have a hypo (blood sugar levels crashing) and I've only started getting hypos since my operation - it can be a by product of dumping syndrome. I have now been given a glucose meter by my GP so when I feel funny I check if my blood sugars are low and that it's not just me feeling funny. In the mean time though try a bit of a sugary drink and see if he feels better - hope this helps, if it is a hypo it can be quite a scary experience but it does pass I promise!


That sounds unpleasant. It could be unrelated to his operation and should discuss his symptoms with his GP or consultant.


Yes i have also experienced cold sweats on several occasions . I think you will find that it is part of the dumping syndrome and is typical of an associated hypoglycaemic attack. It would be wise for you to test your blood sugar if it should happen again and that would be your confirmation. I found that eating plenty of vegetables with the meal helps as it slows down the digestion.


Yes, I also get this 18 months after op. It certainly sounds like late dumping syndrome. I am now being to recognised the onset of this, vision seems a bt funny and I get "slerry" feet. I carry around with me Dextrose tablets and take on immediately and sit down for about 5 mins. This seems to stop it developing.


i,ve put thi s down to dumping syndrome.seems to get me if i,ve over done things.also if get food wrong (to much or not enough) also get the vision thing.any idea any one on the vision thing?


I also experience this, & I am 3 years on from op. I still get these occasionally & it is like previous comments, it is part if the "dumping syndrome" & usually if I take a dextrose & have a sweet drink, it eventually passes, lasting about half an hour.



Hi it does sound like Dumping Syndrome which oddly can be both caused by and cured by sugar, including carbs. If sugar levels increase too much then the pancreas will pump out insulin thus 'killing the sugar', sugar levels can drop dramatically and cause the symptoms you have mentioned. The digestive system can then draw liquid in your body into your bowel and that's when diarrhea can happen.

Taking a sugary drink helps because it is absorbed very quickly. Although scary when these bouts happen they will get less and less.

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Hi it sounds classic Dumping


Hi. This sounds like DUMPINGS SUNDROME I had the same after eating a mars bar. So avoid the sweet stuff

This was 20 years ago

Hope this helps yours. John


Dumping syndrome is quite complicated! It is all about the balance of sugar:insulin, so the sweetness intake solves the short term problem, but the real issue is trying to prevent it by staying away from the foods that generate the imbalance in the first place. It is probably a matter of gradually adjusting the diet, and coming to terms with things you love, but which cause you problems afterwards. There are some factsheets here



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