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Not had an op, am I in the right place?

Hi, I have had reflux for many years and have a hiatus hernia, I take 20mg omeprazol twice a day. This has worked well until recently, I have been diagnosed with Osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and prescribed Sulphasalazine and now take 4 per day for the last 8 weeks. I was wondering if this is the cause of my reflux, which burns my throat badly.

I notice that the majority of this group have had operations, so perhaps I'm not in the right place for my query. Any help or ideas greatly appreciated.


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Hi Jan,

I've been googling Sulphasalazine, trying to work out if it's similar to Asprin, but it's very complicated. Whatever it is, it might be causing your reflux. You really must see your GP very soon. If it is the sulphasalazine, the doc. may be able to change it for something else.

But if it's not, then you really need tests to find out what's happening. Don't just wonder what's causing it,

ask your doctor. When things change suddenly you need to know why.


Thanks very much, I am seeing GP today.



If you are suffering from reflux that burns your throat badly then you do need to have this properly investigated. The best way is to be referred for an endoscopy. Having a hiatus hernia does tend to make you suffer more acid reflux, and the reflux, over years, does affect the lining of your oesophagus and might create a condition called Barrett's Oesophagus. So the cause of it could be your hiatus hernia. It might be worth asking to be referred to a surgeon to have your hiatus hernia repaired.

A small minority of Barrett's oesophagus patients develop cancer, so this is another reason for having the endoscopy to check on how your oesophagus is coping.

You are welcome on this site, and I hope this advice is helpful!


One of the possible side effects of Sulphasalazine is a sore throat. So it is possible that having just started taking this new drug it has aggravated your existing H Hernia / Omeprazole syndrome.

You should be having regular blood tests and follow up when on Sulphasalazine.Your rheumatologist can prescribe alternative medication .

Quite separately it would be wise to be investigated for the earlier condition.Omeprazole alone is a partial palliative not a cure .

Also helpful would be to follow the general advice given on this site concerning diet,posture and in particular sleeping as regards reflux.


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