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One year post Ivor Lewis operation

I would just like to thank everyone at the Royal Derby Hospital: Mr Leeder (surgeon) and his team the ICU, Step Down wards, physio staff and Rose Wallis for her ongoing support.

Another thank you goes to everyone associated with OPA, The information I have gained over the last year has been invaluable. On my really bad days I have been able to log on and learn from other peoples experiences that this is just part of the recovery process. 

I am now working 30hrs a week, walking 2-3 miles a day and enjoying life to the full again

Thanks again to everyone especially my wife and family for all their help and support

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Well done! It is a year that you would not want to repeat, and I am sure that the medical team are as pleased with your progress as you and your family are!


Thanks Alan, I think I have been very lucky not only with the operation but also with the recovery


Brilliant! May your good health onto us good luck


Thanks for your kind words


Well done Grandad4 and may we wish you all the best in your continued recovery. My husband is now a year from diagnosis and seven months from his oesophagectomy but unfortunately he has had many set backs on the way and now faces further surgery. He is very fortunate, like you, to have a fantastic medical team supporting him and I agree that the OPA are fantastic and I've had so many of my queries and concerns answered - a wonderful on-line community. May you continue to make good progress.


Thanks for your kind words and agreeing on just how valuable the OPA is. Obviously we all wish your husband all the best for his forthcoming surgery and hope he has a speedy recovery


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