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I wondered if any of you had purchased an electrical bed ? Since coming out of the hospice where he had such a bed Nielsen has noticed a lot

More acid reflux and pain in his sides and back despite wedge pillows. So we have decided to buy one , trouble is the choice is quite confusing, we have found a company on line called The Electric Bed Company which seems reasonable only thing is it has no contact numbers which slightly bothers me - any thoughts welcomed.

Lyn x

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We purchased a Temper electric bed and it was excellent giving me full support However I think you should go to the showroom yourself and choose the one that suits you and Nielsen. We purchased ours from

Stollers in Barrow Cumbria but that is local for us.I know you are going through a tough time at the moment and a bed like this will definitely help with overall comfort.

Take care



Hi Lyn, I was lucky enough to get an electric bed and I have to say it is the best thing I have ever bought, I can alter my position without all the effort of pushing and pulling pillows, plus I can do it without waking my long suffering husband. If I wake with acid reflux I just push a button and raise myself up. I have to admit they are rather expensive, but well worth it. I was lucky enough to get some help with the purchase of mine as both myself and my husband had been in the R.A.F so we contacted S.S.A.F.A an organisation that helps service personnel.

We purchased ours from a regular furniture store that had a bed department.

Hope this is of some help


Edwina x


The best thing I ever did, no problem with reflux, we bought a double with independent controls so my wife can also benefit, we got a very good deal from "Dreams" a high street bed retailer, you should also note that you can self certificate at the time of purchase and you will buy V.A.T.Free a saving of 20% .

Good Luck


Hi Nielsen and Lyn. I bought mine about six weeks after my op because I was struggling being propped up with pillows. Yes, they are expensive and to be truthful at the time I borrowed some of the cost from my mother, but it was well worth it, I very rarely get reflux these days because I can prop my self up to the desired height to prevent it. they do take a little bit of practice to set up the position that will suit you. For example, I had mine too high at first,almost sat up and ended up with a tender tailbone but you learn by trial and error. As Phil recommends, if Neilson is up to it, you really need to go into the store and try out the one that feels most comfortable to you. Wishing you both the best on your difficult journey, hope this is of some help.

Kind Regards



This is a minefield as a lot of companies do not disclose their prices online. The best site is one allied to Lloyds Pharmacy. We would have purchased from them but were given an electric bed by friends. My husband has slept so much better since we got it. Like your husband it was the hospital bed that really sold him the idea! Hope all goes well for you both.


This is a further question rather than a helpful reply. My concern with electric beds I have looked at is that they raise from the centre and thus one is not lying on a flat bed giving rise to a concern regarding possible back trouble. Is anyone aware of a make which allows the whole mattress to be inclined. Currently my bed is propped up on 4 inch blocks but an electric alternative would be very useful.


Hi Sportsman. Iv'e had back trouble on and off for years, long before my operation and I must say my electric bed has never caused me problems in that regard. If you raise the top half of the bed, that part of the bed from your head right down to the buttocks is a totally flat surface even though you are lying on an incline but then you do have to raise the bottom part of the bed a bit to stop you sliding down--lol. Hope this makes sense.


Thanks SteveJ. That is encouraging and I may well "dip my toe".


They can be very expensive and I have not had one myself, and it may well be different for individuals, but I understand that going for one that can go into a shallow W profile (head to foot as it were) can be a very good thing.

I also believe that you should be careful to make sure that the mattress is comfortable. I also believe that IKEA do adjustable beds, but I cannot speak for any of this from personal experience, and these may not be so adjustable as you would wish? I hope this helps.

I also did a google search and these may give some idea of prices?



Bit the bullet today and went out and bought one - we tried it in the shop - very comfortable and best of all we were able to have a proper goodnight hug for the first time in two years - laying on a bed in the middle of a furniture store !! And I didn't care one jot - they are delivering Thursday and the salesman was so touched by Nielsens obvious illness he waived the

delivery/setting up fee and gave us an extra 5% off - still a bloody expensive bed though !! But worth it. Thank you for all your suggestions and advice.

Lyn x


Some things are priceless!


hi lyn

Have had a bed like you suggest for years which when fully utilised allows you to sit up. There is a drawback as with most things, because when it is fully up it resembles a large W you fall asleep and cannot turn into the fetal position without readjusting the bed.A bed like this should adjust as a hospital bed tilting from the foot end in its entirety.Even though i possess a bed like this which was expensive when bought new i have it on wooden chocks lifting up the whole bed from the head end which does work. so research before you buy as i actually use a couch downstairs when i get bad reflux, it`s the best for getting to sleep.


We got an electric bed for my husband - a double but with separate mattresses because I sleep flat - from Betterlife at Lloyd Pharmacy. But we had to go to Trowbridge to try it out. It did cost about £2,000: 2 separate 3-ft mattresses with memory-foam layer. Expensive but two years later he is really glad to have it and sleeps fine.

Keep your wedge pillows! You need them when you go away. Use one reversed to prevent slipping down the bed.


I wonder if you would mind sharing what you have found out about these beds. I have been looking at getting one but they seem a bit expensive and I was wondering if there is the possibility of buying second hand refurbished ones, does anyone have any information?

all help appreciated Bryan


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