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Lansoprazole v Omeprozole

It is 7 years since I had my operation and only get reflux when sleeping and somtimes bending down.This has been generally controlled with Gaviscon.But recently i have had more reflux and slight soreness. My consultant has put me on Lansoprazole 30mgs a day and it worked after a couple of days. He also said if I wanted to i could try to reduce it to 15mg a day over time..Is the Lansoprazole 15mg eqivillent to 20mg of Omeprozole. and what dosage or brand is best for long term use any advise welcome.


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30mg Lansoprazole is generally considered to be equivalent to 20mg omeprazole. It is the standard maintenance dose for anyone requiring daily PPIs (though often doubled for those that need it). 15mg lansoprazole is a low dose equivalent to just 10mg omeprazole.

There has been much research into comparative efficacy of PPIs with the conclusion that they are all as effective as each other. Only one dubious paper claimed Nexium (esomeprazole) at 40mg was more effective than 20mg omeprazole - but, considering that was funded by the makers, Astra Zeneca, and was comparing unequal doses, it seems flawed.

We have a table of PPI comparisons at the foot of this page sites.google.com/site/barre...

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Thanks for this information,It now gives me a better understanding on PPI comparisons.



I was on 20mg of omeprazole,doctor told me to up my dose to 40mg seem's to be working,


Hi Phil

My symtoms are very similiar to what your experiencing....i will be 4 years post Ivor Lewis in Jan 2014 with every going fine until reflux shows up again more so at night so i double up my P.P.Is ,Ive learned in my case that food motility slows down and a dillation of the stomach outlet (phylori) gets things back on track and my Omeprazole dose back to normal ....good luck and i hope this helps.


I am on 2 doses of esomeprazole per day 20mg morning and 40mg at night i have been clear 6 years. I find its controlled by what food you eat and when time wise. As for which tablet these are the only ones i have ever taken, I like yourself still get reflux but only occasionally. Its treated basically by doubling my dose.


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