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Wedge pillow

I have had problems this week with reflux and from what

others have said (thank you Quince) I am going to invest(?) in a foam wedge pillow. Having looked into the price I am completely baffled since they range from about £16 to £75 , the dear ones being memory foam.

I know nothing about memory foam (or ordinary foam come to that) so I am asking for advice and comments particularly from any experience with one.

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I have had 3 memory foam pillows for the last 4 years and find them excellent.they never lose their shape and bulk.You will still get the odd reflux because we are not always aware of our movements when in a deep sleep, but they are worth the investment



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Hi Phil

That's good to know that memory pillows are good, thanks for that ,but tell me do you use a foam wedge with them?


Hi Alphagista

If you are worried about costs, I bought a standard L shaped pillow and then used standard soft pillows (which you might already have round the house) to build up the wedge. Hope that helps.

Also, to save on pillows, put a couple of wooden blocks under the bedlegs to increase the gradient of the bed - not too high otherwise you will find yourself at the foot of the bed every morning :)



The cost is not that desperate but I just wanted to know if anyone could advise the difference between paying for a £16 ordinary foam wedge and a £75 memory foam. I must admit the Putnam wedge looks very interesting since it was longer and would appear to incline from the waist rather than the shorter ones that incline from the chest.


My set up for sleeping is one memory pillow under 2 foam wedges and another memory pillow under my back.

I also have a gavascon before I fall to sleep and this seems to work for me.But as I said before you can still get the odd mild reflux if your restless in the night. It takes time but you will finally come up with the solution that suits you best

All the best



I think the memory foam is basically helpful to stop you slipping down the bed so much (you can also get memory foam mattress toppers to help with this), but there may be some other comfort aspects as well. You cannot work out the comfort side of these things until you try them. And there are other options like putting them (or a rolled blanket) under the mattress so that you can experiment to get the angle right.


Hi OPA_AlanM

I can see how something that retains your shape will help stop slipping down so that's an important point. I also think this longer wedge shape by Putnam is good because it stops the bending at the chest and transfers it down to the waist. It's beginning to make sense of the difference in costs between the wedges on offer. I have tried the equivalent to a rolled up blanket under the mattress but on a double bed this presented problems.

Many thanks.


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