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still discomfort 10 months post op


I am now 10 months post op and i understand i will still get discomfort/pain at times but i was wondering if anyone else gets the symptoms i am getting,,,,,when i stand or walk for a short amount of time, my abdominal area under my ribs on my right side where i had the op gets hard and painful, also my ribs are still sore and painful. What does worry me is the discomfort (mild pain) in my back between my shoulder blades, i was wondering could this also be due to having the op? I do tend to worry with every little twinge i get and am worrying already about my CT scan i am due to have in August which i know is me being silly. Also i have found that since being back at work full time not only am i tired a lot i also have no strength in my legs to get up if i have been kneeling on the floor. sorry for going on folks am i just being paranoid?


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Hi Margie,

It more likely will be the op, it is one of the most traumatic surgery going and the body takes quite a hit, I'm nearly 7 years out and sometimes I do get some slight discomfort around ribs and / or shoulder after gardening or other physical work, for me it is the norm and something I can now live with and understand why it happens.

Clinical experts tend to say up to 9 months for full recovery, from talking to other patients it seems that most take up to 18 months to be back to normal so give it more time.

Don't worry too much but do speak to your clinical contacts about all pains, concerns and issues, you are not being silly or paranoid, just worried as we all were at this stage.

Best wishes,

Dave C


Thanks Dave my surgeon said 18 months recovery



I am 18 months post opp. and play golf every weekend and still experience some aches around the ribs etc though to touch the area feels numb.

I think you are brilliant to be back at work now

It's understandable to be anxious about the scan results - my wife and I get very tense when the results are due and thankfully come away happy when all clear.

best wishes



I'm 18 months post op and still have all sorts of abdominal small aches and pains. As most of the abdominal muscles have been disturbed with some initial pain, you learn to use different muscles such as back muscles instead of the front. i would n't worry about unless the pain is acute and doesn't go away. i think a lot is wind!


My husband is also eighteen months post surgery and gets pain on walking or standing for too long, when you think about the surgery and all the nerves that have been severed it is not surprising really - also the shoulder problem is fairly common - when he came round from the op the thing that hurt most was his shoulder where they had his arm raised throughout the op - about twelve hours in his case - it took ages for that pain to go away and he still gets twinges. As for the anxiety re scan - or scanxiety as we come to know it - again absoloutely normal - I dont think there is a single person on here who wont to relate to that particular one. Dont be too hard on yourself - it is very early days yet and you seem to be doing really well.



I suspect that it is nerve pain from the surgery - sometimes you feel the pain in odd places because it gets transferred away from where the problem is. Your body will take a long time to settle down again - but your body is entitled to twinges - do not think it is the cancer coming back. I suggest trying a physiotherapist. Gently extending your exercise will probably be beneficial because your body may not improve unless you keep gently stretching etc.

So it is quite normal. You are doing well - but do not overdo things! It always takes far longer to recover than we wish it would.


I was just about to post a similar question about aches/pains re my husband, when i switched on computer and read all the answers on this excellent site. My worries have been answered. He is only 4.5 months post op, is back at work full time, does gardening and much standing at the bar in the local and he wonders why he is full of aches and pains! Lyn J;


thank you all for all your replies you always put my mind at ease....and lyn you made me laugh with your reply, i may have to try standing at the bar lol


I experienced same but it took me 18 months to recover fully from surgery.Shouldnt worry about it just ride with it.Will get better


Hi Marg. I am at your stage too and have similar aches and pains. I think the fact that you have returned to work will have accentuated the problem because you will have been forcing yourself too much. Also, we are all more active in the warmer months. I have noticed the tiredness in my legs etc but I am simply doing a bit more walking, limited gardening etc so it's part and parcel of the body and weakened muscles gradually getting used to functioning again.


thank you

i feel less anxious now

cheers all



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