Meeting in Oxford this Saturday

Just to remind everyone living near Oxford that the meeting is this Saturday from 10.30am in the outpatients department near the main entrance to the hospital. In almost three years this is only the second meeting I have missed as I find these meeting invaluable. (for anyone travelling there is a good cafe near the main door with very reasonable snacks/drinks)

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  • sorry forgot to say its The Churchill Hospital

  • Hi can you tell me the nearest place for any meetings near MILTON KEYNES please ?

  • Hello Bernadette, have only just found this, can you tell me if there is anywhere that lists forthcoming meetings near Oxford/reading please? Thanks!

  • Hi, sorry I dont know about Reading but the next one in Oxford is Saturday 21st April 10am onwards till around 12 at The #Churchill Hospital, Old Rd, in the new building. You can always phone the oesophogal number and they will give you Reading details.

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