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Small, painful finger tip knuckle

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Hi folks. I’ve got seropositive RA and am on MTX and HXC and would say that despite continued high crp and esr, I’m pretty stable at the moment. However, I have had a sore fingertip knuckle (DIP joint) and there is a bony bump forming (you can’t see it in the photo really). I’ve heard that RA doesn’t often affect those joints but I’m only 36 and haven’t worked with my hands particularly so I done see why it would be OA. It’s has been sore for well over a month and usually my flare ups are only a few days at a time. Any thoughts? Thank you x

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That's a classic spot for OA.....have you tried rubbing anti-inflammatory gel there? If it helps then suggests that its More likely. I'm afraid OA doesn't really respect age or activity levels. Either that or a RA nodule seem the most likely. Show it to docs at next appointment.

I too suffer from extremely elevated blood markers.

When I started my last biologic the very next day a hard nodule, same place where you mark in your image appeared, coupled with swollen tender fingers that I simply could not bend. I visited My rheumy registrar who confirmed this boney spur to be a nodule, this all happened in September.

Although still there, it seems to have shrunk somewhat. I rub mine with essential oils and carry out fingers exercises practically everyday.

I am tapering off prednisone at the moment waiting for yet another biologic.

Hope this was off some help. Hessie

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