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Tocilzumab Infusion

Hi to all those who have been following my posts, I now have my first appointment for infusions since returning to Canada. My last infusion was in the UK in December 2015 and have had an increase of flare up's since. My first infusion here is September 2nd and can't wait knowing how well I felt even after the first infusion in the UK. I felt like they gave me my life back.

For those that don't remember I returned to Canada to be with my son and family. I will be able to enjoy life again and feel more independent,

I joined aquefit which helped and Ti Chie at the Community Centre very light exercise which is geared to people who have RA. I am starting aquefit again in September as the program is for 10 weeks and closed for the summer. It really does help and I need to build up the muscles in my legs and arms no matter how painful at the time I always feel better later.

I still don't know how much I will have to pay for my infusions, the first two are free and I have appointments until the end of the year. I am hoping I will be able to afford them. It isn't like the NHS here you have to pay for the infusions etc.

Good luck to everyone, I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the summer months in the UK.

Susan xx

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I think it's only when you leave the UK you really appreciate the positive things about the NHS. And not having to think about whether you can afford treatment makes a huge difference!

Good luck for the infusion & hope it does the trick.


Hi Helixhelix,

That is certainly true but I have always appreciated the NHS. I have always been well looked after over my 67 years. Canada has been good to me too. I didn't have long to wait for a GP or a Rheumatologist and the Rheumatologist acted very quickly to apply for the infusions. I can't wait to get the treatment on Friday as my shoulders, arms and hands are throbbing in pain this morning which is unbearable. Thank you for your response. I hope everyone is okay and enjoying the lovely weather in the UK.

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