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So like I posted earlier, I'm having terrible trouble with my feet and as a nanny I just can't have terrible trouble with my feet.

I've tried phoning my consultant's secretary and I've left a message but I also have the email for the consultant. Is it ok to email her? I'm not sure of the etiquette! Would it be better to wait and hear back from the secretary? I also have a number for the specialist nurses but again I'm just getting an answer phone.

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Everywhere's different, but what works best in my hospital is leaving a message for the nurse. The rheumy is usually too busy to deal with smaller stuff, so I hold that back for dire emergencies.


As Helix says, your best port of call is the Rheumy team. Whilst they are on why don't you ask to see podiatry? They gave me shoe splints which are basically soft pads on your shoes which helped. Also wear if possible trainer type shoes at work as your feet get less sore in them and for now ditch high heels . A small heel is better!

Hopefully things will improve when the treatment gets a hold X


My team always answer emails and are rubbish with phone messages. Consultant usually forwards my email on to whoever he thinks should deal with it and cc me in. I would give it a go . Good luck


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